Using Exotic Paint Brands as a Decorator

By Mike Gregory


It’s strange isn’t it, 10 years ago we all relied on the “big 3” paint brands for everything. Nowadays the list of brands and products are endless!! That’s not a bad thing; using exotic paint brands as a decorator gives you an edge. A selling point if you will, especially if you’re self-employed. The modern decorator should have some knowledge of everything that’s out there and use it to his or her advantage.


Besides which, a lot of these paint brands and products perform a lot better than any of the “off the shelf” brands. Tikkurila Anti-Reflex or Teknos Teknoceiling for example, will cost roughly the same as vinyl matt, but perform better on a ceiling than anything at your local paint outlet.


Then you’ve got the water-based TRIM paints!! Benjamin Moore Scuff X, WRX satinwood or Teknos Futura will always give you a better finish because the technology is more advanced. These products are high-end and designed to work as well as they possibly can do.


You can explain all this to your clients. These are specialist products which your clients have never encountered before. They will automatically establish you as the expert. You can talk them through the benefits of each product you’re going to use on the ceiling, walls and woodwork and why you’re using it. If your client is getting more than one quote and your competition is offering Dulux or Johnstone’s, your exotic paint brands give you a clear advantage. You have more chance of being able to charge a premium for your work. It also helps when your client can’t find cheaper knock-off versions of your chosen brands at their local B&Q.


These are just my thoughts anyway. I enjoy trying the different paint brands that come up and comparing them to each other. I also enjoy using them to help convince my clients that I’m an expert at what I do.


The brands I’m familiar with and recommend using are WRX Trade Paint, Tikkurila and Teknos, but there are loads popping up.

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Using Exotic Paint Brands as a Decorator