Staalmeester Paintbrush Review

Staalmeester Paintbrush Review

By Mike Gregory


Staalmeester are a Dutch paintbrush company who manufacture some very strange looking brushes. They’ve been available in the UK for a few years now and a lot of decorators hold them in high regard. As a decorator myself, I’ve been using them for a while. They may even be my favourite brand for applying water-based trim paints.

I thought I’d take the time to sit down and write a Staalmeester paintbrush review. I’ll focus on my two favourite Staalmeester brushes as these are the ones I think are worth talking about. I buy mine from Crown Decorating Centres, however there are plenty of other stockists available.


Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Sash Brush Review


This could quite possibly be one of the best sash brushes on the planet. I use them whenever I’m painting windows or cutting in around interior trim work. They consist of a long wooden handle, steel ferrule and purple synthetic bristles, which are lashed together with green string!! I know it sounds alien, but it looks sexy!!

The best thing about this brush is the amount of control you have when using it. I love using this paintbrush when I’m applying water-based satinwood or gloss. This type of product can be very loose and difficult to control. Using the Staalmeester sash makes everything a lot easier. That’s not to say it isn’t equally as good in oil, because it is!!

Paint deposit is another big plus point. The Staalmeester sash holds a good amount of paint and deposits it evenly all the way to its tip. I think that’s down to the shape and quality of the bristles.

Last, but not least, the longevity. Sash brushes normally fall to bits after a few uses, but the build-quality of the Staalmeester sash means it holds together and lasts for ages. This is ideal for me, because as a decorator I go through a lot of brushes.

The Staalmeester sash is the best paintbrush for windows

Staalmeester Pro-Hybrid Flat Brush


This is another strange brush. The flat paintbrush is, as the name suggests, a thin, flat brush. Although it’s thin, it has short bristles, meaning you can still control it easily. There’s only really one use for this brush to my mind and that is water-based trim paints.

It isn’t what I’d call a cutter, although you can easily push paint into tight corners. You can lay paint off with ease too!! You’ll get an awesome finish every time!! This brush comes into its own on large flat surfaces such as doors and windowsills. Even laying off skirting boards and things like that.

The only downside of this brush is the longevity. The bristles seem to wear down rather quickly, so don’t expect it to last forever.

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Staalmeester Paintbrush Review