WRX Trade Paint Review and Guide

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WRX Trade Paint is relatively new to the British market, but it is certainly causing a little bit of a stir. Aimed solely at the professional decorator, they deliver premium quality products.

You may pay more for WRX than you would for standard trade paint, but it is still cheaper than a lot of the designer brands out there. You can buy WRX paint products from various outlets. Click here to see current prices.

This is my WRX Trade Paint review and guide, I hope you find it useful.


WRX Trade Matt Wall Paint


This is an exceptionally durable matt emulsion designed for use on walls and ceilings. Only available in white, it is a dream to work with. You’ll find WRX wall paint just flows off your brush and roller to leave a flawless finish. There are two drawbacks to this product. The first is the paint can pull on itself, so you will need to cut and roll one wall at a time. The second is the drying time between coats is 4 – 6 hours, which is a paint really.

This is a small price to pay. Unlike other durable matt emulsions in white, the opacity of WRX Trade wall paint is awesome. The paint also contains a lot of fungicide, meaning it will last in rooms with a lot of condensation. We do have a full WRX wall paint review.

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WRX Trade Ceiling Paint


Also only available in white, the WRX Trade ceiling paint is a very flat matt with almost no sheen. This makes it fantastic for light sensitive ceilings. Ease of use isn’t the best, but all round I’d have to say this is one of the best ceiling paints on the market. Opacity is unreal and the finish is gorgeous!! Another plus point is the paint is moisture resistant, so you could use it in a kitchen, or even some bathrooms. I cannot recommend this paint enough!! We also have a full WRX ceiling paint review.

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WRX Trade Satinwood


This is a fully water-based satin / semi-gloss paint designed for use on interior trim. Available only in white.

Ease of use for this product is ok. As with most water-based trim products, it can be a bit loose to cut in with. However, you’ll find it flies on!! Opacity is great!! Finish is spectacular, pure brilliant white!! 2 coats are all that are needed to cover yellowed gloss. This could easily be one of the best water-based satinwood products on the market, certainly for the price bracket. Check out our full WRX satinwood review.

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WRX Aerosol Spray Paint


The WRX spray paint seems to have come from nowhere and really taken off in Britain. It is available in a vast range of colours from any Crown Decorating Centre, as well as online. They seem to have found the perfect balance of 50% paint and 50% gas to deliver the right amount of paint in a very controlled way.

The adhesion of this product is awesome for an acrylic and the finish is very durable. WRX could easily be the best aerosol I’ve ever used and I’d recommend it to anyone. You can read a full review here.

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WRX Acrylic Primer Undercoat


For a primer / Undercoat, WRX is quite thin. This is actually a good thing!! Opacity is good, but you don’t get any of those annoying brush or roller marks. It flies on with ease too!! Adhesion is an issue over previously painted surfaces.

I know primer undercoat isn’t exactly a sexy product, but this one is good. It seals the timber perfectly and you’re left with no brush marks. Full review here.


WRX Eggshell


WRX Eggshell is a fully acrylic white eggshell capable of being used as an emulsion, or on woodwork. Being fully acrylic, you can apply this product directly to old oil-based coating without the need for a separate adhesion primer. Application and ease of use are fantastic, as is the overall finish, although it can be difficult to avoid brush marks when applying the eggshell to woodwork. Another awesome product. Full review here.

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WRX Exterior Wall Paint


This is actually a masonry paint, available online in brilliant white. I have mixed feelings about WRX Exterior Wall paint. The finish and ease of use are second to none! It flies on via brush and you’re left with a luxurious eggshell finish.

It does come with a couple of drawbacks. It’s expensive for a start, and opacity is a problem. You normally need to apply 3 coats of this paint to achieve a solid finish. As a decorator, it may not be worthwhile using this paint on my clients’ homes, but I’d happily use it on my own house. Full review here.

WRX Trade Paint Review and Guide – by Mike Gregory

Updated Apr 28, 2023 | Posted Mar 29, 2021 | 3 comments


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    Looking forward to a review on the Satinwood.

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      Agree the Dulux qd satinwood absolutely terrible gear, small runs and tears just seem to appear and struggle to hid them.
      Johnstones aqua far superior

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    Well, Colour is often one of the most exciting factors of a painting. I am thankful and excited that I came across this article.


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