WRX Eggshell Review – Written by a Decorator

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WRX trade paint has been turning the heads of decorators in the UK for around a year now. As such, it has started popping up at loads of different trade supply outlets. As a decorator I’ve been using the brand regularly for at least 8 months. I thought I’d put pen to paper and write a quick WRX eggshell review for DFUK.

Application via brush, roller or sprayer. You can recoat WRX eggshell after around 6 hours, but it takes a further 24 hours to fully cure. You can get only buy this paint in white at the moment, but I believe this will change at some point. Click here to see current prices.


WRX Eggshell – The Emulsion


I thought I’d break my review down into two sections to cover both uses of this product. Firstly, I wanted to talk about using WRX eggshell as an emulsion.


Opacity is good in relation to other white eggshells. If you’re going for a big colour change then you may want to blank out the original colour with a vinyl or contract matt first, but most of the time two good coats of WRX eggshell is ample.

It’s tough too!! WRX eggshell takes 24 hours to harden up, but once it has it’s easily wipeable. It contains high amounts of fungicide, making it ideal emulsion for kitchens and bathrooms.

Finally, the finish, which is fantastic!! As with all eggshells, there’s a bit of a sheen to it. You need to dilute this product quite heavily, but once you have you’ll find it easy to use and achieve that flawless finish.

WRX Eggshell – The Trim Paint


You can use loads of different trade eggshells on woodwork like doors or skirtings. What makes WRX special is you do not need a separate adhesion primer to paint over existing oil-based gloss. This is down to the fact that it is a “pure acrylic”, meaning there are no cheap fillers in the paint. WRX eggshell is manufactured to perform as well as it possibly can, so simply sand the previous paint, then crack on.


Another bonus of using this gear over other products is how easy it is to apply. You can dilute the paint and still apply thick coats without worrying about poor opacity or ninja runs!!

The only downside is your working time. You can’t mess around with WRX eggshell too much or you’ll get brush marks. Just get it on, then leave it.

However, WRX eggshell is a dream to spray!! It’s just so easy and the finish is spectacular.

We also have a full WRX Trade paint review and guide in case you’re interested in the other products. Or click here to see current prices.

WRX Eggshell Review – by Mike Gregory 

Updated Apr 24, 2023 | Posted Nov 25, 2021 | 1 comment

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    Used the satinwood recently, now my go towb product, tried the lot in last 12months, best by far!


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