WRX Trade spray can review

WRX Spray Paint Review

by Daniel Wilson


WRX Spray Paint is a high-quality acrylic paint with high coverage. WRX’s meets all requirements for professional users. Intended for indoor and outdoor usage.


It has excellent adhesion, good characteristics and is suitable for various materials painting. For example, Iron, brass, aluminium, ceramic, plastic, UPVC and wood.


It is a quick drying spray paint which can be overpainted, making it ideal for various hobbies, modelling and industries.


Unique spray nozzles deliver a 50-50 paint-gas every time. Nano-technology is enhancing the molecular bonding between the resin and the pigment.


WRX has developed a nozzle called “MICROMIST” where the channels in the nozzle create a “Whirl” effect.


I first use this on a yellowing plastic lost hatch. I would have normally used MSP. However, I thought WRX would be better as the loft hatch gets regular use so didn’t want the paint to crack.


First impressions are very good, although good ventilation is required. As with white it did take a full can to get the full coverage.


The following day I did a scratch test, and it didn’t move.

WRX Spray Paine Review - used on an internal loft hatch
WRX spray paint used on internal plastic trim

Also, I did more work for the customer a few months later and he said it’s still like new.


The newfound confidence of using this spray lead me to my next project. The bathroom was white, but the bath panel was yellowing. So, 2 cans of WRX did the panel with ease and it looks like new.


This really is good stuff available in almost every colour with matt/satin and gloss finishes.


Price varies from £6.50-£9.99 per can and you can buy these products directly from WRX online, or from TopDec Decorating Supplies. As well as Crown Decorating Centres.


We also have a full WRX Trade Paint review if you’re interested in finding out about the other products.

painting a bath panel with spray paint from WRX
WRX spray paint review. Spraying a bath panel

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WRX spray paint review