The Best Durable Matt Emulsion

We know as a fact through running polls on decorating related social media platforms that Crown Clean Extreme scrubbable matt is widely regarded as the best trade durable matt emulsion on the British market. With that in mind, we decided to ask a handful of professional decorators to give us their Crown Clean Extreme scrubbable matt reviews.


Crown Clean Extreme scrubbable matt is a durable emulsion which is available in white, or any colour from Crown’s vast colour range. It is suitable for kitchens, most bathrooms and areas with high traffic. It is perfect for households with small children or pets. You can buy Clean Extreme in 1, 2.5 and 5 litre tins. The shelf price for 5L tinted colour is around £60. You can buy it directly from Crown decorating Centres, as well as several independent trade counters. If you already know what you need you will probably find Clean Extreme scrubbable matt cheaper online at a trade website like the Paintshed.


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I tested Crown clean extreme scrubbable matt on a Job recently, it’s better than Johnstone’s durable matt and miles better than Dulux Diamond. It has good coverage and is definitely more durable than the other two

Richard Gillen

Just used the white on a conservatory job and it was great 👍

Jim Kyle - best durable matt emulsion

Crown Clean Extreme is my go to durable, well priced good product.

Sean Knowles

Crown clene extreme in colours are good, the white not so much. I use it more than vinyl these days, as soon as I catch a glimpse of kids or pets it’s an easy upsell for not much extra cost. Goes on a treat too 👍

Davey Hamilton

I’ve used Crown Clean Extreme many times and I like it. Far better than Dulux or Johnstone’s, probably the best durable matt on the market.

Grzegorz Urbanczvk

Not a bad drop of gear to spray

Steve Hamilton

I really cannot fault the product at all. I use it often and never have any complaints. Clean Extreme from crown is fantastic gear.

Ben Byrd

I’ve used the colours on a few occasions, mostly out of Crown’s historical range. Great for opacity & a solid finish. So far, the properties I’ve been back to still look mint so the durability seems to be spot on.

Michael Price

Clean Extreme is good gear! The dark and bright colours cover in two coats every time.

Lee Smeaton

I like the product. I think it covers well, doesn’t flash and doesn’t picture frame. I always got on with it, so it gets my vote as the best durable matt emulsion out there.

Dave Fegan

Clean Extreme is my go to for a scrubbable matt. Covers well, goes a long way and doesn’t clog up your brush like other scrubbable matt brands do. The finish is really nice.

Baz Grady

The opacity is brilliant now and this is my paint for choice, seriously durable. Far easier to apply than others, especially the Dulux diamond.

Brett George

Clean extreme is the best. I have just finished 2 health clinics with this. I agree the white opacity isn’t that good. I used 2 coats of matt emulsion first then2 coats of white Clean Extreme.


Best durable matt emulsion on the market

Francis Simms

Clean Extreme is definitely up there. Not just because of the quality, but value for money is outstanding!! You get little in the way of roller or brush marks and the overall finish is bang on. Since they changed the formula a few years ago, the opacity has been so much better. Two coats are all you ever need, whether you’re using white or a tinted colour.


Ease of use is great too. You don’t have any issues with the paint pulling itself off and the second coat just flies on. Honestly, I can’t think of a negative thing to say about this product. I use it every week on my own jobs and I’d recommend it to anyone.

Mike Gregory

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