UltraGrime wipes Review

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Do other decorators use these UltraGrime wipes? I saw them at the Painting and Decorating Show a few years back and decided to give them a go. I was using Big Wipes until that point, but these seem better. They’re bigger, stronger and last longer. UltraGrime do a few different types of wipes, all for different purposes. I have the “Multiuse” and “Power Scrub” in my van, so I’m going to talk about those in this blog. This is my Ultra Grime Clothwipes review. I hope you find it useful. Both wipes I’m going to talk about are solvent-free, making them safe to use around the home. Ideal for cleaning paint off a client’s dog, or even their child’s hand!! Both are available online by clicking here,, as well as a multitude of stockists.  

UltraGrime Power Scrub Wipe Review

  These are cool. As with any Ultra Grime wipe, they’re big and strong enough to deal with larger tasks. They have a scouring pad surface on one side which is remarkably rough.

The wipes are perfect for dealing with dried paint and stubborn stains on hard surfaces. Even dried oil-based paint comes off with a little bit of elbow grease.

I used them in a rented kitchen recently to get the stale grease from light switches and the extractor. The cleaning agent on the wipe dissolved the grease and the rough pad lifted the stain. My client couldn’t believe how clean everything came up!!

Another great use for these is cleaning the handles of your oil-based brushes. I don’t think anything cleans them better.


UltraGrime Multiuse Wipe Review


These are my favourite, simply because of the way they tackle wet paint. They’ll take oil-based gloss off a hard surface without breaking a sweat! They’re like magic! No white spirit, no turps, no foul odour in the house, UltraGrime Multiuse are a lifesaver!

I like to use these to clean my hands before jumping in the van. The durability of the material means I can give my hands a proper scrub. They’re safe on skin too. Oh, they’re fantastic for getting paint off the van!! Honestly, so many uses!! It’s just handy to have them around.


Another benefit of the durability these wipes have is, if you’re tight-fisted like me and you’re trying to keep costs down, you can use these wipes more than once. All you need to do is keep it damp.

Say you only need to clean a few paint spats off a carpet, or a handprint off your van. The wipe is still relatively clean when you’re finished. So, all I do is stuff it back into the packet when I’m finished and it’s good for another day.

Click here for more information or to see latest prices.

UltraGrime Wipes Review – by Mike Cupit

I picked up some of these UltraGrime Wipes by Uniwipe from my local Brewers a while back when they were on offer. For the large pack of 100 large wipes the price was under £30, which I thought was reasonable.

On this occasion, I was using a Repair Care system, and as those who use it will know – it can get a little sticky. I was pleasantly surprised with the performance of the wipes. Cleaning my tools and mixing board was no problem, and the size of the wipes mean they go a fairly long way.

I have since bought these wipes fairly regularly and tried them on a variety of materials. They’re fine on skin, and I tend to use them to wipe down surfaces at the end of the day, where they are a non toxic and easily accessible option. I found them not so good for scrubbing old dry paint off things, as they have no texture unlike some of the other brands, but as a general purpose wipe they’re handy to have in the back of the van.

They even work on oil-based gloss!! Which is unheard of really. Uniwipes are safe around children or pets.

I can’t see a world where every decorator doesn’t have a packet of wipes in the back of their van. I’d go for these over any other brand I have ever used.

Uniwipes do everything you need them to do, and they’re strong enough to withstand being scrubbed. I’ve used other wipes in the past, but nothing comes close. Hippo seem too small, and I don’t like the texture of Big Wipes. Uniwipes are the way to go for me.

James Wildish


Decorators Wipes Review


Hi, my name is Tom Holloway and I own and run Holloway’s Professional Decorating and Consultancy service.  I have been in the trade many years and pride myself on product knowledge, amongst other things.

I was asked by Decorators Forum UK to try and test some UltraGrime Decorators Wipes and leave am honest review. I have to say I’ve put these wipes through their paces. Not the fact that I’m a messy decorator but more for testing the day in day out necessities the job brings. Such as cleaning paint from my hands and even from leather on my seats in my truck. I’ll give you some examples from where the Ultras excelled in my opinions:

My mobile phone was left uncovered in a room I was decorating using an airless spraying machine. Therefore, prone to overspray, my phone was covered top to bottom in specs. UltraGrime Wipes to the rescue no issue!

Osmo wax for a floor, dripped from the tin on the floor I was working on and needed wiping to ensure even coverage. UltraGrime wipes to the rescue! No dramas at all!!

Paint on my arms! Combination of gripper primer and emulsion. UltraGrime wipes to the rescue! No dramas.

Overall, decorators wipes, in my opinion are fantastic. I always carry decorators wipes with me, but I find these less chemical based if that makes sense? They feel a lot more friendly and less harsh. They maintain their moisture, and this means they last a lot longer prolonging life expectancy.

They work in loads of different circumstances. I now use them to clean grease off my cooker hub at home, but they also work on oil-based paint, which is fantastic!

This concludes my decorators wipes review. I hope you found it useful. For more information click here.

Tom Holloway

Updated Feb 11, 2024 | Posted Feb 21, 2022 | 1 comment

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  1. Mark Clifford

    Excellent wipes and the multi-use ones easily tear in half so you got 200 wipes for £10!


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