Titan 460e Airless Sprayer Review

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I’ve been spraying for around 12 years now and as a decorator, I use my airless set-up often. I spray everything from newbuilds, to pebble dash and everything in between. I love it, even spraying pliolite on occasion.

My Titan was the first sprayer I ever bought and although I’ve used many other machines, it’s still my favourite. I thought I’d do a quick review on the Titan 460e, hope you find it useful.


The Machine!!


The Titan 460e is in fact an airless sprayer, manufactured by the same company who own Wagner. It comes with quite a powerful pump which will easily handle the interior of large newbuilds, or spraying masonry paint onto roughcast render. You can control the pressure, use different sized lances, have a whip hose for working in single rooms, or the traditional longer hose so you can spray larger areas.


You should top the piston up with lube at the beginning and end of every job, as well as every couple of hours whilst in use. Cleaning out should be done with warm water if using water-based paints, or white spirit if using anything oil-based. Cleaning a spayer like this normally takes around 10 minutes.


My Titan 460e Airless Sprayer Review


Right, let’s get down to my opinion. First, the Titan 460e is a worrier!! I’ve had mine for 12 years and it hasn’t broke once!! I haven’t even had it serviced in all that time, it just keeps going. It really is a titan in every sense of the word.

The pump always performs well, and the pressure is always even. It’s powerful too! You can stand on top of a scaffolding or up a ladder with the gun, while your sprayer is on the floor, and it’ll still deliver your paint at the pressure needed to apply it.

The only issue I have had was the gun which went knackered due to wear and tear after about 5 years of use. The pin inside wore down so when I released the trigger, it didn’t fit snugly anymore inside the gun and I’d still get a dribble of paint. The rep was useless too, trying to sell me some cleaning kit for over £100!! I swapped it for a Tritech gun from Tikkurila, which is a lot more responsive and easier to control anyway.


So, the Titan gun isn’t as good as a Tritech and if I was to buy another Titan sprayer now, I’d bin the gun straight away. The actual machine though, wow!! I’ve already said I’ve been using it for 12 years without ever having it serviced and it hasn’t put a foot wrong.


Final Thoughts


I know it seems a little odd someone suggesting you should buy a sprayer, but then use it with a different brand of gun, but I stand by that. The Titan 46oe is an amazing bit of kit that just will not break. You’ll never find a more reliable machine.


Titan 460e Airless Sprayer Review – by Mike Cupit

Updated Aug 2, 2022 | Posted Oct 12, 2021 | 1 comment

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  1. Jim

    What’s your best paint for walls and ceilings? I’m just starting out with airless and would like to avoid having to try a load of paint to get a good one. Obviously different styles will give different results, but a good paint will surely help.


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