Toupret TX110 filler Review - Rapid Drying

Toupret TX110 filler review

By Hev Govan


I’ve been searching for a decent filler for a while now. So many on the market either take too long dry or need to be sprayed with B.I.N before being painted over. Unknown to me, my prayers would soon be answered.

A few months ago, I got invited to the Zinsser Roadshow in Chester-Le-Street (Durham). When I got there, there were about 6 stalls, including one for Toupret. Those who use Toupret, will know that it’s one of the rare fillers out there that doesn’t flash through paint. I asked the rep if they had started making a filler that dries quickly, cos let’s be honest, no one wants to wait for ever for it to dry.

He agreed that we all want to be able to sand it down soon as possible, so we can get on with other things. He presented me with a bag of TX110. I left excited and couldn’t wait to try it out on my next job. According to the box, there is no depth limitation, it dries around 30 to 40 minutes and it can be painted in 3 hours.

I had a few doorframes to fill and a few bits on the walls. I tried to mix it a little bit runnier than normal, as I was worried it would dry too quick in the container and go to waste. I didn’t have to fill too much, apart from a few spots where it needed a bit more.

I got on with other things, and after around 2 hours I went to touch the filler to find it was only half dry. Smaller parts had dried quick. I will admit at this point, the house was a bit cold, as the customer was away and didn’t leave the heating on. After I switched it on, I saw that the filler started to dry very quickly. I was very impressed, and it all sanded down easily with my erbauer sander.

I also found like the other Toupret fillers on the market, it didn’t flash through the paint at all. Compared to the Axus Decor flexi fill, (which also dries very quickly) the Toupret TX110 didn’t sink, crack or flash through the paint. I’d like to see a ready mixed version of this on the market, if there isn’t already.

Overall I was very impressed and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a decent filler that dries quick and doesn’t flash.


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Toupret TX110 filler review