Gyproc EasiFill Review - interior powder filler and coving adhesive

Gyproc EasiFill Review

By Mike Gregory


Gyproc EasiFill is an interior powder filler and coving adhesive which is readily available in most decorating, building and DIY stores. It is relatively cheap as well, meaning you can pick up large bags for a reasonable price compared to alternatives. As for the size of the bags, it comes in 5kg and 10 kg. I hope you enjoy my Gyproc EasiFill review.


Gyproc EasiFill 20, 45 and 60


You’ll notice one of these numbers on your bag of EasiFill, 20, 45 or 60. This number relates to the number of minutes the product takes to set once mixed. The idea being, if you want to mix up a large amount of filler for a big room, the EasiFill 60 will give you a longer working time. If you’re in a rush and you need to get the filler sanded so you can paint, EasiFill 20 is the way to go.

That said, EasiFill 20 can be a bit annoying. It’s fine on surface blemishes, but if you use it in a deeper hole, your filler will set in 20 minutes but take hours to actually dry. With that in mind, I’d suggest sticking with the 45 or 60 on most jobs.


Mixing EasiFill


EasiFill is just like any other powder filler, in that you add water and mix until you get the correct consistency. You can mix most fillers on a board, but you’re better off using a paint kettle, bowl or other plastic container for EasiFill, as it doesn’t absorb the water as easily as the others. As long as you’re mixing it in a container and not on a board, you won’t have any issues.


The Performance as an Interior filler


Ok, the nitty gritty of my Gyproc EasiFill review, how does it perform?

Well once mixed it is nice and easy to apply. You’ll find it creamy and smooth. Because it acts as an adhesive as well as a filler, you know it will stick to any plaster or timber surface. It doesn’t sag much and even though it does contract a little as it dries, it isn’t a massive problem.

Drying times are pretty much as stated on the packet, however deeper holes can take longer (much longer in some cases). Just be conscious of it and you’ll be fine. If you’re filling very deep holes, apply thinner layers of filler and let each layer dry before applying the next.

Once it is dry you’ll find Gyproc EasiFill very easy to sand and you won’t get any flashing once painted over (always takes 2 coats though). All in all, it’s absolutely amazing stuff when you look at it like that. Cheap, easy to work with, easy to sand and doesn’t flash. I use it as a professional decorator on almost every interior job.


Plasterers use it to do large areas of patching and you can even use it to skim whole walls. In fact, there was a tradesman local to me who used to regularly skim over artex with the stuff. I never had any issues following on behind him as a decorator.


Gyproc EasiFill the Coving Adhesive


Ok, if you read the packet on your EasiFill, you’ll see that it can also be used as a coving adhesive. This is true and I do use it for this purpose every now and again. It’s easy to use and sticks solid. The only thing I will say is using large amounts to stick coving up means drying time is ridiculous. The EasiFill seems to hold water for ages which isn’t ideal when you need to crack on and get the rest of the room finished. The other issue this causes is it adds weight to the coving until the EasiFill is completely dry. This can cause sagging.

A standard powder coving adhesive on the other hand dries quickly and speeds the job up a great deal. You may as well just pick a bag of that up.


Gyproc Ready Mixed Fillers


Gyproc also do three ready mixed fillers which are well worth mentioning. I have used two out of the three (Easifiller Light and Easifiller All Purpose).

The All purpose ready mixed Easifiller isn’t really worth looking at in my honest opinion. It takes an age to dry and retracts loads, often needing to be refilled. There are a lot better alternatives out there.

The Easifiller light on the other hand is amazing stuff!! Fairly expensive, but it’s possibly the best ready mixed interior filler on the market. Smooth and easy to use, doesn’t take an age to dry, doesn’t sag at all and doesn’t flash when painted over. The only downside is it doesn’t sand very easily, but because it doesn’t contract, you don’t need to over fill it anyway. Just fill it flush and give it a quick tickle with some 180 before painting over. Click here for my full review of Easifiller light


Easifil is probably the brand leader when it comes to filling products. You’ll find their products cheap and easy to use. The major alternative brand is Toupret who seem to have a filler for everything.


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