GoodHome Masonry Paint Review

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GoodHome Masonry paint is a water-based product which is manufactured by Hempel and sold at B&Q. You can buy this paint in white, or a handful of popular pre-mixed colours. It claims to have a 20 year’ guarantee, self-cleaning capabilities, long lasting colour and a resistance to mould.

As a professional decorator, I normally stick to trade paints. That said, I know the GoodHome durable matt emulsion is a great product, so I thought I’d put their masonry paint to the test. The price of GoodHome masonry paint works out at less than £10 per litre, so it’s a very cheap alternative to products like Wethertex AP77 or Dulux Trade Weathershield.


My GoodHome Masonry Paint Review


Right, let’s get down to my personal review of this paint. The opacity is good, as is the ease of use and overall finish. You’re left with a very low-sheen matt once dry, which is very desirable. So far, so good, but they’re the only positives unfortunately.


GoodHome masonry paint dries very brittle. In fact, it feels as though it has very little in the way of polymer binder at all. This has a couple of drawbacks –

The paint film isn’t very durable at all. You could probably remove it again with a little bit of elbow grease and a scouring pad, which isn’t ideal considering it needs to perform on the outside of your home.

The other drawback is it marks very easily. If someone kicks a football at your house, expect it to scuff the paint. Again, not ideal.

Oh, it skims over while you’re using it too, which is very annoying. Plus, the handles are flimsy. I suspect a few people end up spilling full tubs on their driveways.




I don’t like GoodHome masonry paint, and I don’t understand why someone would opt for this over a trade alternative or a better quality option. You might save a few quid on materials, but your paintwork won’t last very long. All that time and effort gone into decorating your home will be wasted. One to avoid!!


Best Tools to Apply Masonry Paint


Having the correct tools will always help with your decorating projects. When applying masonry paint, you should use a brush with a thick stock that will hold its shape. A long pile roller will also help when applying masonry paint to large areas.

Stay away from the floppy brushes they have in DIY stores labelled “Masonry Brushes”. It’s so difficult to try and control any type of paint with these. Instead, opt for a Purdy Monarch Elite XL. They hold their shape and allow you to work the masonry paint as you need to. Pus, a quality brush like this will last many projects if looked after. Click here to see online prices.

As for the roller: Purdy Colossus is brilliant on most walls. Go for the 9 inch as it allows you to really work the paint into everything. Click here to see online prices.

If you are painting over pebbledash, then you may need to step things up regarding a roller. The Axus Décor Captain Chunk is expensive, but it comes with a padded sleeve under its nap. This enables the roller to hug a cratered surface and coat everything with masonry paint. Click here to see online prices.

GoodHome Masonry Paint Review – by Mike Cupit

Updated May 18, 2023 | Posted Jul 28, 2022 | 1 comment

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