Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint Review

Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint Review

By Mike Gregory


Dulux Trade is a brand leader in paints. Notice I use the word “trade”, if you don’t already know, Dulux, like all other brands have two separate ranges of masonry paints. One designed for retail, the other trade. Dulux Trade Weathershield may be a little bit more expensive, but it is far superior in quality and performance, including longevity. If It Doesn’t say “trade” on the tin, leave it alone.

As a professional decorator I use a lot of Dulux exterior products. I thought I’d sit down and write an honest Dulux Trade Weathershield Masonry paint review which you can use as a guide. There are a few different products to talk about and I’m going to be completely honest based on my experience. All Dulux masonry products are self-undercoating on bare masonry and available in any colour out of the vast range in the Dulux armoury.



Dulux Trade Weathershield Smooth Masonry


Dulux Weathershield smooth masonry paint is probably the most popular choice. The opacity of this paint is absolutely second to none! In fact, even when you’re changing colour, one coat almost does it. Dulux Trade smooth masonry is one of the only water-based masonry paints that will easily cover bare pebble dash in two coats, even after heavily diluting the first coat.

The Re-coat time of this product is 2 – 4 hours, but it completely depends on conditions. The smooth masonry paint has a party trick too, even in poor conditions it is shower proof within 30 minutes. It’s like a little safety net when you’re trying to work in dodgy weather.

All being said, I think this is a great product. Easy to use, opacity great and it leaves a really nice finish. Dulux Weathershield do one of the best smooth masonry paints on the market.

9/10 for me. I use this product regularly and can’t recommend it enough.



Dulux Weathershield Textured Masonry


You don’t really notice a big difference between the Dulux Weathershield textured, and the Dulux Weathershield smooth masonry paint when applying the products by brush. The textured seems to bridge cracks more, but overall I think the smooth leaves a slightly nicer finish.

Dulux Weathershield textured masonry paint comes into its own on large flat walls with a lot of surface blemishes that you need to try and blend in. Or if you’ve removed flaky paint in patches and filled around the edges. Your filler is always going to be smoother than the wall around it. This is where you crack the textured masonry paint out, use a nice big long pile roller and lash thick coats of paint on. You’ll add a slight and very fine stipple to the wall which takes your eye off the imperfections and makes everything look even.

The performance of the textured masonry paint is very similar to the smooth. Recoat time is still 2 – 4 hours depending on conditions, opacity is still bang on and you still get around 10 years of protection from it. 9 times out of 10 you’d use the smooth, but when you need it, this can be a brilliant product.



Dulux Weathershield All-Weather


Dulux Weathershield All-Weather is the oil-based or “pliolite” version, designed for use in adverse weather conditions or out of season decorating. This is one of the more expensive oil-based masonry products on the market, but it is also one of the best. You know as soon as you start to use it that it’s a premium product!

Opacity is absolutely bang on, even if you dilute it heavily with white spirit. Shower proof in 15 minutes, touch dry in half an hour, recoat in 1 – 2 hours depending on conditions. Dulux Weathershield All-Weather offers up to 15 years protection which is brilliant!! It is particularly good on masonry with stains such as water marks and rust as these stains would blead through a water-based coating. The All-Weather just blocks everything.

The main downsides of using oil-based masonry paint are, the paint will take longer to apply, materials are more expensive, clean up can be hard work and they’re not as good for the environment. Please be responsible when disposing of turps or white spirit after cleaning your tools. Oh, and wear gloves when using All-Weather because this stuff sticks hard to everything, including skin.

10/10 – if you can afford it, this is an amazing paint



Armstead Masonry Paint


Armstead is owned and manufactured by the same company who own Dulux and it’s all made in the same factory. Both brands are normally sold side by side in the same stores. Dulux being the premium brand, and Armstead the budget. This reflects in the quality and performance of Armstead masonry paint compared to Dulux, but it is still a great paint to use and much better than retail.

The opacity of Armstead smooth masonry is not as good as the Dulux Weathershield. You’re looking at 3 coats on bare masonry, but 2 on previously coated. You wouldn’t dilute this paint with water either as it isn’t as thick. The finish is basically the same though, so this is a cheaper option which is still viable.

Armstead do a pliolite version too. It is good gear and great value. It isn’t in the same league as Dulux Weathershield All-Seasons though.

7/10 – if you want to save a few quid but still want a trade product then look at Armstead over Dulux.



Fungicidal Wash and Stabilising Solution


I thought I’d add these two products. I know they’re not paint, but they can be integral to the system. They’re non-distinguishable compared to other brands if I’m honest. They do their jobs well, but I could be talking about Sandtex, Johnstone’s or one of the others and my review would be the same.

Dulux Weathershield fungicidal wash works brilliantly. Brush or roller it onto any green scum the day before you plan to paint and just leave it overnight. Just let the fungicidal wash do its job. Then simply give it a quick brush off with a yard brush and paint over whatever is left.

Dulux Weathershield stabilising solution should be used on chalky or unsound masonry at least a day before you plan to paint it. There is a lot of old sandstone on buildings locally to me and this stuff just makes everything solid before you start. It is oil-based and does stink. When you apply it with a roller it splashes everywhere too.



Best Place to buy Dulux Weathershield Masonry Paint


Dulux Weathershield Masonry paint is a premium brand that is quite expensive. That said, you get what you pay for. If you need advice on products, systems or colours then the best place for you to go is your closest Dulux Decorating Center. It is expensive, but the staff there are incredibly well trained and very helpful. CLICK HERE for more information

If you know what you need you will save money by going online to the Paintshed where you can buy most of the products on this list, as well as everything else you’re ever going to need to carry out your project. CLICK HERE to visit the Paintshed.

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