Farrow Ball Estate and Modern Emulsion Review

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I’ve been using Farrow and Ball modern and estate emulsion for over 20 years and until I used their primer/undercoat I really didn’t like it.

As soon as I began to use Farrow and Ball primer, their whole finish and the process totally changed my view. I love to use their paint now if a client can afford it. I always must inform the client I won’t use it without the primer/undercoat as it’ll cost them more money in topcoat emulsion as coverage is based on building up natural pigments. So, it’s never a two coat process, always 3. That includes using it over previously painted plaster.

Available online, I’ve used both modern and estate emulsion many times now and love them both. The modern has a slight sheen to it which some clients like, some don’t.  Farrow and Ball Estate Emulsion can mark more easily so not so good in high traffic areas.

For finish and colour depth, I’d give both products 8/10. From a client’s perspective though, if they are only looking to use Farrow and Ball’s colours, I do offer the opportunity to have their colours mixed in Dulux trade or Johnstone’s.

I think a lot of clients love Farrow and Ball colours and aren’t really bothered so much about the finish. Or they think the finish will be the same, no matter what brand of paint they use. This isn’t the case. Farrow and Ball may be more expensive, and it may take an extra coat, but you get what you pay for. Having said that, I am about to undertake a quote for a whole 3 bedroom house, whereby the client wants the finish and understands the process which is very refreshing. I don’t think enough suppliers explain that to their customers, including decorators that the use of the primer is essential. I see lots of debates on Decorators Forum UK who haven’t used the correct system complaining about the outcome.

It is worth mentioning too, Farrow and Ball seem to set the price a supplier can sell their products. You do find the occasional offer every now and again, but they’re few and far between. Click here to see online prices.

By Professional Decorator Lisa Storey

Updated Nov 30, 2023 | Posted Aug 27, 2018 | 0 comments

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