Ok, when I say “Dulux matt emulsion review”, there are two separate products I’m going to talk about. The first one is Dulux Trade vinyl matt emulsion. The second is Dulux matt emulsion, which is the retail version.


The trade vinyl matt is manufactured to a higher standard and is sold from many trade counters. The retail version is the one you’ll find on the shelves at place like B&Q. It is made to a tighter budget with lower quality materials and is generally bought by Joe public rather than the professional decorator. However, both these products are popular, and both have a place in the industry. If it doesn’t say “trade” on the tin, then it isn’t trade.

Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion Review


I know trade paint is more expensive than its retail counterpart anyway, but Dulux is quite expensive, even for trade. A 5L tin of a tinted colour can cost as much as £50, although someone with a trade account will be able to get the product a little cheaper, or better still, just go online when buying paint.

Let’s talk about the positives, opacity is very good apart from in very pale colours which can take an extra coat. Durability is good as well, in fact you can often get away with giving a finished wall a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. Ease of use is another positive, the paint will flow nicely off your brush or roller.  It just feels like a good quality product all round.

The overall finish of Dulux Trade vinyl matt can be a bit iffy if you are not careful. You can encounter problems with flashing and picture framing (being able to see the cutting in lines and roller marks). You notice it more on light critical areas and longer walls, like those in a hallway. The sheen level is too high for a matt as well. There are better trade vinyl matt emulsions on the market if I’m being completely honest. I’m only judging it based on where the quality should be in comparison to its price tag. As a professional decorator, I use Dulux trade vinyl matt all the time and rarely have any issues.


For more info on Dulux Trade vinyl matt click here

Dulux Matt Emulsion Review


OK, the retail version. As I’ve already explained, this is of lesser quality than trade, however you can still achieve a good finish and to be honest, if you’re not entitled to a trade discount then it can be a more viable option.

Shall we do the negatives first this time? Dulux retail matt contains less polymer binders than trade, which effects the durability. If you try to wipe down a finished wall, you would literally wipe the paint off!! You’ll find that it drags on application as well, meaning it isn’t as easy to use. You can also get roller marks, picture framing, flashing and it drags a little bit as you apply it.

Positives? Well it’s cheap! Opacity is good, even in pale colours. There is little to no sheen meaning you can achieve a real flat matt finish. I wouldn’t say I like it, but you have to judge a product by where it sits on the market regarding price, and I think you do get value for money with Dulux retail emulsion.

All in all, if a decorator is buying the paint, he or she will generally buy trade. In fact, most decorators I know refuse to use retail paint full stop. Trade paint costs a bit more but the finish is better, it is more durable and it goes a little bit further too if I’m honest.


Where to Buy


If after reading this you still want to buy Dulux retail emulsion then the best thing to do is head over to your closest DIY shop. Even a B&Q or a Homebase will have everything you need. If you are willing to spend a little bit more and buy trade, you can go to your nearest Dulux Decorating Centre where the staff are generally helpful and very well trained. Unfortunately, Dulux Decorating Centres are known for being a bit pricey so often you are better looking online. The very best website I have found for not only Dulux, but trade paint in general is the Paintshed.


Dulux matt emulsion review

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