Benjamin Moore Paint Review and Guide

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Benjamin Moore is a very expensive paint brand which is imported into the UK from America. Although expensive, the Benjamin Moore paint range has become very popular amongst decorators and high-end designers. This is down to its superior performance compared to other trade paints.

In this blog, I’m going to touch on some mainstream products as part of a full Benjamin Moore paint review and guide. My findings are completely honest and impartial, based on my own experience as a painter and decorator. I hope you find it useful.

Benjamin Moore products are available from a few trade outlets, but it’s normally cheaper to buy them online. Click here to see online prices.


Benjamin Moore Aura Matte Emulsion Review


This is a water-based emulsion used on interior ceilings and walls. You can buy this paint for around £25 per litre and it is available in white, or any colour.

Contrary to what I said about the quality of Benjamin Moore paint in the opening paragraph, I really don’t like this product. It feels gloopy to apply, even if you dilute it with clean water.  The finish isn’t great either. You can see visible flashing and picture framing on the surface. I made the mistake of using it on a light sensitive ceiling once and it looked terrible.

This may be slightly too harsh, but I feel as though I should be ultra-critical when reviewing Benjamin Moore because of its price tag.

Keep reading though because the rest of the products are much better.


Benjamin Moore Regal Review


This is a durable matt emulsion used for interior walls and ceilings. You can buy this paint in white, or any colour from Benjamin Moore’s extensive range. You’re looking at roughly £24 per litre, which, like all other Benjamin Moore products, is expensive compared to trade alternatives.

This paint is not like any other emulsion on the market. It is smooth and almost velvety to apply, with unbelievably good opacity.

The finish is very flat, contemporary, and luxurious with a fantastic depth of colour. Benjamin Moore Regal is also extremely durable and will not buff up if you wipe it with a damp cloth.

This is easily the best emulsion I have ever used. I just wish I could use it on every job, but a lot of my clients will not pay the premium price, especially considering I can use around 10L of emulsion in a single room.


Stix Adhesion Primer Review


Stix is a water-based adhesion primer used on problem surfaces such as vinyl, plastic, PVC, tile, glass, glazed block, gloss paints, fibreglass, and galvanised metals. You can buy this paint for around £25 per litre, which is top dollar for a primer.

As you’d expect for a high-end primer, Benjamin Moore Stix is a joy to use and performs well. You’ll find it flows nicely from brush or roller. Once cured, it will stick solid to any surface and create the perfect base on which to work.

The only downside with Stix is it’s only available in white, which isn’t ideal if you’re using a coloured topcoat.


Benjamin Moore Scuff X Review


Scuff X is a fully water-based paint used on internal woodwork and other trim. Available in matte, eggshell, satin and semi-gloss, in white, or any colour from Benjamin Moore’s extensive range. You should expect to pay roughly £32.50 per litre for this paint.

I personally feel like Benjamin Moore Scuff x justifies its price tag. In particular the satin finish, which is regarded as the best satinwood on the market amongst decorators.

This paint goes for miles, and it is so easy to work with. It levels off perfectly, leaving a perfect brush-free finish with a luxurious depth.

You need to use this paint to understand just how good it is. I can’t put it into words. Benjamin Moore Scuff X is the Holy Grail of paints, and I can’t recommend it enough.


 Final Thoughts


It’s fair to say I’m a fan of Benjamin Moore. As a professional decorator, I feel this paint gives me an edge over my competitors, it really is that good. The finish of normal trade paint looks cheap compared to Benjamin Moore. You can tell the difference a mile off. Scuff X and Regal in particular really are outstanding products.

Click here to see online prices.

Benjamin Moore Paint Review and Guide – by Phil Dawe

Updated Feb 15, 2024 | Posted Aug 10, 2022 | 1 comment

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  1. Jon Pomroy

    Has anyone had any experience of using Benjamin Moore Wood exterior paint for exterior timber gates/front door? If so would appreciate any feedback/tips

    Also, is F&B Exterior Paint any good for exterior wood?



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