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Dulux Easycare is a retail durable emulsion manufactured by AkzoNobel. You can pick this product up from any B&Q, or almost any DIY shop in the UK. It is available in any colour, including white and black. Click here to see online prices.

There are three variations of Dulux Easycare. You can go for Easycare Bathroom, which is a mid-sheen product, capable of dealing with condensation. Easycare kitchen matt, and Dulux Paint Mixing Easycare Washable & Tough Matt, which are both normal durable matt products.

All the above products are very similar. Touch dry in roughly an hour but leave 4 or 5 hours in between coats. Ease of use is fantastic, and you can apply via brush and roller, or airless sprayer.


My Dulux Easycare Review


As a professional decorator, I’m programmed to turn my nose up at retail paint, but the Dulux Easycare is one exception. Don’t get me wrong, trade paint will always out-perform retail products like Dulux Easycare. However, this paint is cheap, and for its price bracket, it really isn’t too bad.

That said, Dulux Easycare has less opacity than its Trade counterparts. So, the claim on Dulux’s website about Dulux Easycare being a 2-coat system is optimistic. You should expect to need 3 coats minimum. This means your decorating project will take longer and you will need more paint.

The finish is good though. No noticeable orange peel and very little in the way of flashing or picture framing. The matt has a very low sheen too, which is refreshing for a durable matt.

If budget allows, always use trade paint. If you want to save a few quid, Dulux Easycare is fine. Click here to see online prices.



Dulux Easycare review - interior emulsion - Decorator's forum UK

A range of durable emulsion paints used to for interior walls and ceilings.

Product Brand: Dulux

Editor's Rating:


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Great finish.
  • Fairly durable.


  • Poor opacity.
  • Not as durable as the trade alternatives.

An alternative to Dulux Easycare


I thought it would be useful to talk about the logical trade alternative to Dulux Easycare. As previously mentioned, trade paint is slightly more expensive, but better quality. Your walls will take fewer coats, look better, and last longer.

It’s worth mentioning that trade paint is available from many different outlets, but unless you’re entitled to a trade discount with favourable rates, it’s almost certainly cheaper to buy trade paint online. The website I recommend is Decorating Centre Online, where not only will you find an extensive range at reasonable prices, but they are experts at matching colour; You could choose a Dulux or Farrow and Ball colour and have it mixed into a Johnstone’s paint product if you like.

The brand I’d recommend is Armstead, simply because the Armstead range is fantastic quality, and it’s the logical step up from Dulux Easycare. It’s made in the same factory as Dulux Trade paint and it’s a brand I love.

Armstead Durable Matt is a low-sheen emulsion with better opacity than Dulux Easycare, a better finish, and more durable. Click here to see online prices.

Armstead Eggshell is a step up in sheen level and durability, so fantastic in a bathroom. It’s easy to apply, will cope with challenging conditions, and looks great. Click here to see online prices.




What is the difference between Dulux Easycare and normal?

Dulux Easycare is a lot tougher than normal matt emulsion, making it suitable for use in high traffic areas, kid’s playrooms, and kitchens.


Does Dulux Easycare need two coats?

Dulux Easycare needs at least two coats, sometimes even three. This is to achieve a sloid colour with no defects.


Can you paint over Dulux Easycare?

Yes, you will never have an issue when painting over Dulux Easycare with a different paint product.


Is Dulux Easycare suitable for kitchens?

Dulux Easycare is suitable in most kitchens as it’s a durable paint. This means it will cope with steam and other airborne contaminants. However, there are more suitable paints on the market. Particularly if your kitchen endures excessive steam or condensation. Click here for more info.

Updated May 23, 2024 | Posted Mar 5, 2020 | 14 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. bonnersblade@aol.com

    I paint for a living,easy care is very good,the only down side I think you have gotta work quick,once cut in apply with roller as quick as you can,tends to pick up a bit,just did a medium size room on a really hot day and it was ok,depends on colours as well on picking up when applying

  2. Jules T

    We painted our lounge with Easy Clean Matt and it marks VERY easily.

  3. Priscilla Shaw-Phillips

    Very disappointed with your Easyclean which has left brush and roller marks all over my walls. I have now mixed in a little water and will see the result when the rest is dry. When it was called Endurance I had no trouble in the past. Perhaps youve changed the format. I am now having to waste my time in trying to rectify with preparation and another coat.

  4. Fhung

    I am using Dulux EasyClean for my new bedroom and it is totally the opposite of its name: instead of cleaning marks easily, it retains wet mark left by dampened cloth/sponge used to clean the wall. It’s very conspicuous and looks very ugly. It has been a week now, and the wet mark is still there! I have turned on ceiling fan and AC, but the wet mark is still there albeit looking slightly less conspicuous (after a week!!!). Terrible. Very very very disappointed and annoyed!

  5. Mary D

    I too am finding the application of this ‘easy clean’ paint appallingly frustrating to use. You cant use the usual blending in technique as the brush just lifts off what has just been applied with the result you’re having to go over and over with multiple coats but still cant get a smooth, blended finish. Deluxe used to be a quality paint, obviously not any more!.

    • Kevin Gulliford

      I’m a professional decorator with forty four years service and have used Dulux paints in the past without any problems, but Dulux kitchen easycare is next to useless. It is impossible to apply without the brush or roller pulling the paint back off the walls.
      Utter rubbish, one job under priced due to all the extra coats involved 😥

  6. R Thomson

    Very disappointed with Dulux Easy Care Matt Emulsion.it wasn’t easy more like hard work very hard work.you need at least 2 or more coats
    ,the first patchy and ugly paint refusing to spread,the only way forward was allowing 1st coat to dry and apply another.

  7. Richard Durn

    Dulux EASYCARE, my arse, it’s too thick for a kick off, so a little water is needed, DONT USE MASKING TAPE ON IT it brings the paint off the wall. 3 coats minimum and marks do not wipe off easily, knock it and it needs touching up.

    Never again.

  8. AP

    Gave this a go and disappointed. Hard to work the paint for an even finish – very patchy despite two coats on stairway. No choice but to stick with it until next painting cycle.

  9. Steve Moriarty

    Sadly totally agree with the negative comments previously made.I will be cutting my losses after just one wall🤬
    Absolutely the worst paint I have used.

  10. Den 1966

    Poor, just finished a hallway for a customer, 3 coats and it’s still not great. Festooled the living daylights out of walls as well, wouldn’t recommend.

  11. Mick Roberts

    Awefull paint. Used in kitchen and totally needs redoing due to condensation runs which DONT wipe clean. Avoid.

  12. Dave

    Worst paint i have used in my life, ruined the walls I have attempted, pulled off that already applied.
    Utter rubbish.
    Absolutely gutted with the work it has given me to fix.

  13. Mr Angry

    Terrible! If you paint over what you have already painted it drags the paint off even after 10 seconds!


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