Deco style Airless Sprayer Review – Aldi Sprayer, A good quality budget spray machine

Deco style Airless Sprayer Review – Aldi Sprayer

By Kris Devos


The Deco style airless sprayer looks like a cheap B-tec version of a Graco Gx 21. You might, at first glance, be inclined to write off the Deco style Airless spray set up. After all, you know how much these things should cost… right? A decent airless spray set up these days are upwards of £1000.


So, by way of denomination, one can only assume that the Deco Style doesn’t cut the mustard? Well sort of, see the big difference between the Deco Style and its streamlined, perfectly engendered friends is the quality of the materials used to make them.


Graco, Titan, Qtech, etc all use quality alloys. Deco Style on the other hand has opted for a metal classified as “Chineseium” (yes that’s a real thing, look it up) However, let’s not count out our plucky little transatlantic friend just yet.


The Deco Style performs as it should. After all, for sale in the UK, products sent from overseas must perform as described and be “fit for purpose”. So, although it won’t see you breaking the back of 10 new build plots in less than a week. It will last, as long and you care to look after it.


With variable pressure controls and a sump fed induction, it’s actually more customisable than Wagner’s starter kit which gravity fed hopper model. However, the Deco Style is a fraction of the price!!


You’ll find the machine easy to use, easy to clean and you’ll achieve a great finish. Out of all the budget sprayers I’ve used, I think this one is the best. In fact, I do use these as a professional decorator. I complete a lot of exterior spraying, and although I do have expensive Gracos, I opt for the Deco Style, simply because they do the job well and I don’t mind replacing them every two or three years.


If you’re just starting out, or you need a little back up sprayer in case your main machine goes down, I would recommend the Deco Style. Its’ not winning any medals, but against all odds it’s a slightly above average machine and amazing value.


Usability 7/10 Performance 5/10 Quality 2/10 Lifespan 4/10 Customisation 6/10.


If you are looking to get into spraying, you may want to look at a product I developed with my dear dad. The Fox’s Pro Shield cuts down on overspray and eliminates the need for masking tape in certain situations.

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Deco style Airless Sprayer Review – Aldi Sprayer