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The Deco style airless sprayer looks like a cheap B-tec version of a Graco Gx 21. You might, at first glance, be inclined to write off the Deco style Airless spray set up. After all, you know how much these things should cost, right? A decent airless spray set up these days are upwards of £1000.

My Deco style Airless Sprayer Review


So, by way of denomination, one can only assume that the Deco Style doesn’t cut the mustard? Well sort of, see the big difference between the Deco Style and its streamlined, perfectly engendered friends is the quality of the materials used to make them.

Graco, Titan, Qtech, etc all use quality alloys. Deco Style on the other hand has opted for a metal classified as “Chineseium” (yes that’s a real thing, look it up) However, let’s not count out our plucky little transatlantic friend just yet.

The Deco Style performs as it should. After all, for sale in the UK, products sent from overseas must perform as described and be “fit for purpose”. So, although it won’t see you breaking the back of 10 new-build plots in less than a week. It will last, as long and you care to look after it.


With variable pressure controls and a sump fed induction, it’s actually more customisable than Wagner’s starter kit which gravity fed hopper model. However, the Deco Style is a fraction of the price!!

You’ll find the machine easy to use, easy to clean and you’ll achieve a great finish. Out of all the budget sprayers I’ve used, I think this one is the best. In fact, I do use these as a professional decorator. I complete a lot of exterior spraying, and although I do have expensive Gracos, I opt for the Deco Style, simply because they do the job well and I don’t mind replacing them every two or three years.

If you’re just starting out, or you need a little back up sprayer in case your main machine goes down, I would recommend the Deco Style. Its’ not winning any medals, but against all odds it’s a slightly above average machine and amazing value.

Usability 7/10 Performance 5/10 Quality 2/10 Lifespan 4/10 Customisation 6/10.

If you are looking to get into spraying, you may want to look at a product I developed with my dear dad. The Fox’s Pro Shield cuts down on overspray and eliminates the need for masking tape in certain situations.

Review Summary

Deco style Airless Sprayer Review – Aldi Sprayer - Decorator's forum UK

An airless sprayer used to apply paint to walls, ceilings, and woodwork. You can use both water and oil-based paint.

Product Brand: Deco Style

Editor's Rating:


  • Cheap.
  • Performs well.
  • Easy to control.
  • Perfect for a DIYer, or a Decorator who just wants to spray a few jobs.


  • It will only last a few paint jobs. You might get 200 hours out of it.
  • Not overly powerful.

Final Thoughts


I’ve tried to be fair regarding my review of the Décor Style sprayer. I have used several budget sprayers in the past, and I can’t think of any other that is powerful enough to deal with exterior masonry.

I also have some of the more expensive spray units but opt to use the Décor Style during the exterior painting season, which tells you something. You tend to get around 200 hours of work out of this machine before it goes pop, which translates to great value for money.

Updated May 29, 2024 | Posted May 19, 2021 | 10 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. Andy

    Am new to spraying and just picked this up, mainly for spindles as got tons to do, question is what size tip would be best for spindles on this machine

    • Jason Williamson

      you may find the graco 310 tip and guard to be the tip for that job, a finer spay and smaller fan, 3,be the size of the fan x2 if 12 inches away, giving you a 6 inch fan. the 10, is the size of the hole of the tip, bigger the number bigger the hole,.meaning more paint will com out.

  2. Rauri Bizsley

    Hi my sprayer is leaking from the silver part on the base of the main unit paint is just pouring out any ideas why ?

    • catherine parker

      Sorry but mine is too. It was also leaking from clear tube inlet but I managed to tighten that. There is no instruction on how to tighten the bit you are speaking about and I was unable to hand tighten it. There is a clip on the unit which on trouble shooting, said to tighten it via that but that didnt work.
      I called the customer care service but was told to simply return it to Aldi where I bought it from online. No problem with Aldi, they were far more helpful than whoever makes the sprayer but I still, now have to delay my project.

  3. Kevin Greathead

    Hi, you mention variable pressure control….
    Could you point out where this is, as I can’t see anything on my unit or in the instructions.
    It’s rated at 3000psi, but I’ve got a FFLP 310 tip & I’d like to reduce the pressure.

    Also I find when you’ve finished spraying & want to clean the unit down, switching from spray to prime makes the overflow tube fly all all over as its relieving the 3000psi….paint everywhere!

    Apart from that it’s a cracking little unit.

  4. kenneth cruickshank

    First time I have used this one I am an industrial spray painting as my job this gun will not prime
    making a noise and that’s about it I am so annoyed money 💸 wasted

  5. Richard E'

    I want to use this to spray a thin acrylic roof tile sealer onto my bungalow roof. (now I have spend 2 weeks cleaning the moss off)
    Once I am up there I will need all the equipment balanced on a roof ladder with me?
    Does this sound practicable?
    The Sealer paint comp, say do not use a normal air spayer as you would use on a fence stain etc.
    Its this Airless sprayer or a brush!
    I cannot find the name of the Sprayer company? Any clues?

    Does this Deco come with nozzle, and ready to go?

    Thank you

  6. robert Swinney jeffrey

    A been painting for 53 years coming this August and used and owned wagner, graco, titan, devillbus,ect, ect , Was in Aldi and saw this little deco airless for sale £40 so a thought 3 year warrinty no brainer surely, But you only have 30 days from reciept to get money back after that a voucher to spend in shop thats about what they are worth £40 not £179.99 no way you would probably get a couple of small jobs out of it if your very very lucky and make sure you wash it out and leave parrifin in when not in use or you wont get it to work next time stipping it down should not be to hard I would not think

  7. Andrew Tang

    hi there, is there a way to adjust the preasure? and whats the square nob at the rear of machine does?

    • Harvinder Singh

      Hi I have deco machine I never use because no have pressure control pls help me how can I do it
      I am doing doors enamel paint
      3 . Nippal
      Somthining if you have any Video pls


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