Armstead Acrylic Eggshell Review

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Armstead Trade Acrylic Durable Eggshell is a water-based emulsion for interior walls and ceilings. You can also use it on interior trim, providing you first use an adhesion primer over problem surfaces such as old oil-based paints.

Available from any Dulux Decorating Centre, in white, or tinted colours. However, if you order online by clicking here, you may save yourself a few quid, and they can match any colour from any brand. Touch dry in around 2-4 hours, recoat in 4-6 hours. The sheen level of this paint is around 20%. You can apply this paint via brush, roller, or airless sprayer.


My Armstead Acrylic Eggshell Review


This is a great value trade product. Opacity is good in any tinted colour. However, the opacity in white is poor, so ensure you blank out a surface with vinyl matt if you’re going from a colour to white.

Ease of use is brilliant, especially on the second coat. This is particularly apparent whilst coating interior woodwork. You can use a 3-inch brush and ‘just lash it on’. Being a water-based product means you can apply multiple coats in a day.


The overall finish of Armstead Acrylic Eggshell is good. This paint is very durable for an emulsion but can chip off interior woodwork if knocked. This isn’t an issue in rooms with low traffic, such as a lounge or bedroom. You probably wouldn’t use it on woodwork in a hallway or on kitchen cupboard units.

Armstead acrylic durable eggshell is a fantastic choice of emulsion in a kitchen or bathroom.


Overall Verdict


I like Armstead Acrylic Durable Eggshell and it’s a product I use regularly as a decorator. You can spend big money on luxury paints which will perform better, but I don’t think there’s an eggshell in the same price bracket that offers the same level of quality.

This emulsion will always look fantastic after a couple of coats, and you can wipe it down if you get any marks on the walls. You can’t ask for any more really.

 Click here for more information, or to see the latest prices.


Best Tools to Apply Armstead Acrylic Durable Eggshell


It’s always nice to include a little section on the tools I’d recommend using to apply a product. As with any eggshell, Armstead acrylic eggshell will not drag like some emulsion products, and because of the sheen, you need to try and apply it as flat and smooth as possible. Therefore, a soft brush, and medium pile roller are ideal.

The best roller I have found is Axus Silk Touch which will fit any standard cages. These rollers are fantastic for any emulsion with a little bit of sheen. The finish has absolutely no orange peel, so you’ll get a perfect finish every time. Click here to see online prices.

My preferred brush is the ProDec Ice Fusion. You’ll find it reasonably priced, well made, holds loads of paint and eggshell will glide from it! Available online by clicking here.

Updated Apr 22, 2023 | Posted Feb 23, 2022 | 0 comments

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