Bedec Spray Day Light Review

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Having recently tried Bedec’s “Interior Flex” product for painting over hairline cracks, I thought I’d give another one of their paints a try. So, here’s my review of their “Spray Day Light” emulsion.

The first thing to overcome with the product is the name. It is not exclusively for use by spray application – it works just as well by brush and roller. And what does “Spray Day Light” actually do? The answer to that is easy to work out from a few key phrases on the front of the tin:

  • Flat Matt (2%)
  • Anti-Reflective
  • Low Flashing
  • Bright White

In other words, it’s a white (although apparently it can be tinted to pastel shades) ceiling paint with similar properties to Tikkurila AR2 or Teknos Teknoceiling. As an AR2 fan, I was interested to see how this product would measure up.


Bedec Spray Day Light – Where To Buy


I think part of the reason I’d never heard of this product before is that it’s not widely available in the large chains of decorators’ merchants, but many of the smaller independent and online stores do stock it, so if you’re interested in giving it a go, shop around or click here to see online prices.


Bedec Spray Day Light In Use


The first thing I’m going to say is that I do like this product. It does what it says on the tin. However, it was one of those first dates that could have been a disaster based on initial impressions, but we persevered and had a very pleasant afternoon together!

So, first impressions of the Spray Day Light weren’t great. I flipped the lid and was faced with a tin of white paint of which the top 10% resembled water, the next 80% was a bit lumpy, and the bottom 10% had the consistency of tar! Maybe I had a tin that had been sitting on the shelf for a while. But the first thing it says on the back of the tin is “Stir thoroughly”, so I did, and the paint came together nicely, back to how it was intended to be. To me, it still felt a little bit thick, but it says on the back of the tin that you can thin with clean water for the first coat on porous surfaces, so I did. Not a lot, just enough to get to a consistency that I liked to work with, and from then on, we got on like a house on fire!

I applied the Bedec Spray Day Light using my trusty Purdy Colossus roller and 3” Ice Fusion brush, but for those of you who prefer to spray, there is plenty of information on the back of the tin on recommended spray tips, pressure, fan width etc, which is nice to see a paint manufacturer moving with the times in this way. But using a brush and roller, once I’d thinned it slightly the Bedec Spray Day Light just glided on.

It was really easy to apply, went on smoothly, and covered filler, scuffs and other imperfections on the ceiling pretty well on the first coat – opacity was good!  Coverage rates are about 10m² per litre, so very similar to AR2.  Bedec say that Spray Day Light is touch dry in 2 hours, and recoatable in 4, so I waited until it was properly dry before applying a second coat, which went on equally smoothly and thoroughly covered the last of any marks showing through the first coat, so with two coats I’d say you can feel really confident about the opacity of this paint.


The Finish


Smooth as!  I tested the product by painting the ceiling in a large living room with a big bay window at the front, patio doors at the back and another window on one side. So, light comes in from almost every direction, which would highlight any imperfections in the finish.  But there wasn’t a brush mark or roller mark in sight, just solid, flat matt whiteness!


Final Thoughts on Bedec Spray Day Light


I imagine that if you were spraying with this product, you would achieve an even better finish, but I was delighted with what I achieved “the old-fashioned way”!  So, this is a really good product in the AR2/Teknoceiling mould. The finish is definitely “up there”. My only concern with it is the price – it’s a good product, but would I pay that much of a premium over AR2? I’d be really interested to hear the experiences of anyone who has sprayed it – although it says you can use brush and roller (and I did!), it does feel as if they are aiming this product at the spray market, and maybe it performs even better when sprayed? If you’ve tried it, please do leave some comments below. – Click here to see onlne prices.


Robin Gofton – Wokingham Decorating Services

Bedec Spray Day Light Review  for Decorators Forum UK

Posted Mar 12, 2023 | 1 comment

1 Comment

  1. Mark Clifford

    Used Spray Daylight last week.

    Found it very thick on opening, thinned and gave it a really good mix. Easy to brush but I found it poor to roll (Axus and Two Fussy Blokes rollers). Wasn’t very keen on it but final finish after two coats looked nice.

    Not sure I’d use again.


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