emperor paints

Using Emperor Paint! 

by Scott Dowie

Who? I hear you ask. 

If you were like me, you probably haven’t heard much about them other than seeing the occasional post on social media. 

Well be prepared as we head into the better weather, to see and hear more. 

Being well established (politically correct for Middle Aged and Experienced) I have become pretty set in my ways on what products I use and, for many years, my “go-to” product for exterior masonry has been Johnstone’s Pliolite. 

I’ve always been impressed by how well it covered, the level of protection it provides to exterior surfaces and the rate it dries, making it weatherproof and recoat-able in the same day. But it’s difficult to clean up. Brushes, roller sheaths, cages and scuttles, sometimes even dust-sheets can stink out the van when stored and on completion of the job, go straight to land-fill.

So having seen many before and after pics on Instagram and Twitter, I read up with interest about Emperor Paints 

Bold statements on Emperor Paint’s website include- 

The ultimate paint for exterior wall protection which is certified to be Water Repellent, Self-Cleaning, Breathable and Heat Retaining. 


Using Emperor Paints for the First Time


As the surfaces I was working on had previously been painted, I was advised to use their Masonry Cleaner, leave for at least two hours then apply the Masonry Paint. The customer service line also said that I may need more paint than I would normally use due to its viscosity and to factor that in. 

 I ordered 15L for a 2-bedroom, semi-detached bungalow, fully prepared to buy more if required and I thought I may need at least another gallon.  

It isn’t cheap! A gallon of Emperor Paint masonry in white is around the same price I would normally buy a colour mix of Pliolite. However, having told the customer about both types of paint, they wanted to try Emperor and hoped it would live up to the company’s selling statements. 

Delivery was rapid, arriving less than 24hrs after ordering so, that evening I visited the property and applied the Masonry Cleaner using a pump sprayer. 

It went on easily, foamed up slightly and when I returned the following day to begin painting. I was pleasantly surprised that it had taken care of most of the surface moss and lichen. 

A quick wire brush, a couple of spots to fill using Toupret exterior filler, sprayer primed and I was ready to go. 

It’s thick stuff! The sprayer was almost at full pressure to get the 519 tip to spray properly, but after a bit of playing around with the settings, the paint went on like a dream. 

Spraying then backrolling seems the best way to get this on as its soooo thick. I attempted some of the finer areas with the roller alone and it was hard work (I was using a thick pile Purdy rather than a masonry roller so this might be why) and brushing it out is difficult too so my Fox’s ProShield came in handy. 

Very impressed by the coverage with 15L being more than enough as it stood and a lovely even finish on all surfaces. It dries quickly and unlike other masonry paints, it is smooth rather than chalky to the touch which I suppose is why it repels dirt and water. 

Emperor Paint looks and feels like a quality coating and even at its price point, I would most definitely recommend it to my clients and other tradespeople especially those who spray coat. Whether it stands up to its claims is yet to be seen, but up here in East Lothian it will get plenty of “testing” by wind, water and frost. 


Scott Dowie 


East Lothian 


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