Toupret Exterior Masonry Filler Review – Murex and Toupthlith-F

Toupret Exterior Masonry Filler Review – Murex and Toupthlith-F

By Mike Gregory



Toupret are a French company with dozens of different products designed for filling hundreds of different substrates. They’ve taken the UK by storm!! It is great to get your hands on a filler specially designed for the specific job you want to carry out. As a decorator I know this can often lead to a better result. In this blog I’m going to give you my Toupret exterior masonry filler review. I’ll cover both the Murex and the Toupthlith-F so I can compare the two.



Toupret Murex


Toupret Murex is an exterior masonry filler capable of filling to almost any depth. It doesn’t contract as it dries, meaning you can often carry out large repairs in one hit. It adheres well to pretty much everything, including lose or chalky masonry. Mixing is very easy, and you end up with a silky-smooth consistency.


A nice loose mix is perfect for surface imperfections, or a stiffer mix for deeper holes. It dies absolutely rock solid!! Because of how stable and dense it is and how well it adheres, you know any repair is going to last years, often longer than the masonry around the repair! Another party trick is there is no flashing, meaning after you’ve painted your masonry, you won’t be able to see where your repair is.


There are a couple of negative things to say about Toupret Murex. The first is it has 24-hour curing time which can be a right pain. You can’t paint over it on the same day as you make the repair! Most of the time you can plan around it and do your filling the day before you plan to paint. Sometimes you come across repairs as you’re painting, and you have to come away from the job while the filler dries.


Another negative is how bloody difficult it is to sand down!! As previously mentioned, it dries like rock!! This is great for longevity and I suppose the sanding is a small price to pay, but if you are using it, just be careful not to overfill. One tip is to carry out your sanding before the filler has had time to properly cure.


Overall, despite the drying times and not being able to sand the stuff, Toupret Murex is by far my favorite exterior masonry filler. It is easy to use, and repairs are solid. Not just that, but I know my work will look fantastic for years to come.



Toupret Toupthlith-F


Toupret Murex Vs Toupret Toupthlith-F is like chalk Vs cheese!! They are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum to each other. Toupret Toupthlith-F can be used to fill any depth within reason and it is quick drying, especially on a hot day. Toupthlith-F is easy to sand too, which is refreshing.


There are a lot more negatives about Toupthlith-F than positives I’m afraid. It doesn’t set very hard at all and if the repair becomes wet again, it can turn to mush. Toupret Toupthlith-F stays porous and seems to draw moisture out of its surrounding substrate long after the repair has been made. This can cause damage when used in sandstone which can hold water anyway. I have had to go back to jobs a year after I have finished them because the paint blistered and discoloured over patches of filler. I do not have enough confidence in this product to use it again.



My Preference


You need to go with the Toupret Murex every time. It is the best exterior masonry filler on the market. Toupret Toupthlith-F can cause problems further down the line. I’ll never use it again.



Where to Buy


Both of these products are available just about anywhere including almost any trade paint counter and screwfix. The best range of Toupret fillers I have found online is My Paintbrush.

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