Toupret Exterior Masonry Filler Review

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Toupret are a French company with dozens of different products designed for filling hundreds of different substrates. They’ve taken the UK by storm!! It is great to get your hands on a filler specially designed for the specific job you want to carry out.

As a decorator, I know this can often lead to a better result. In this blog I’m going to give you my Toupret exterior masonry filler review. All these products are available online, or several different trade counters across the UK. Click here to see online prices.


Toupret Rock Solid Repair Filler (Murex) Review


Toupret Rock Solid Repair filler is an exterior masonry filler capable of filling to almost any depth. It doesn’t contract as it dries, meaning you can often carry out large repairs in one hit. It adheres well to pretty much everything, including loose or chalky masonry. Mixing is very easy, and you end up with a silky-smooth consistency.

A nice loose mix is perfect for surface imperfections, or a stiffer mix for deeper holes. It dries absolutely rock solid!! Because of how stable and dense it is and how well it adheres, you know any repair is going to last years, often longer than the masonry around the repair! Another party trick is there is no flashing, meaning after you’ve painted your masonry, you won’t be able to see where your repair is.

There are a couple of negative things to say about Toupret Rock Solid Repair filler. The first is it has 24-hour curing time which can be a right pain. You can’t paint over it on the same day as you make the repair! Most of the time you can plan around it and do your filling the day before you plan to paint. Sometimes you come across repairs as you’re painting, and you have to come away from the job while the filler dries.

Another negative is how bloody difficult it is to sand down!! As previously mentioned, it dries like rock!! This is great for longevity and I suppose the sanding is a small price to pay, but if you are using it, just be careful not to overfill. One tip is to carry out your sanding before the filler has had time to properly cure.

Overall, despite the drying times and not being able to sand the stuff, Toupret Murex is by far my favorite exterior masonry filler. It is easy to use, and repairs are solid. Not just that, but I know my work will look fantastic for years to come. Available online by clicking here.


Toupret Toupthlith-F Masonry Repair Filler Review


Toupret Murex Vs Toupret Toupthlith-F is like chalk Vs cheese!! They are on completely opposite ends of the spectrum to each other. Toupret Toupthlith-F can be used to fill any depth within reason and it is quick drying, especially on a hot day. Toupthlith-F is easy to sand too, which is refreshing.

There are a lot more negatives about Toupthlith-F than positives I’m afraid. It doesn’t set very hard at all and if the repair becomes wet again, it can turn to mush. Toupret Toupthlith-F stays porous and seems to draw moisture out of its surrounding substrate long after the repair has been made.

This can cause damage when used in sandstone which can hold water anyway. I have had to go back to jobs a year after I have finished them because the paint blistered and discoloured over patches of filler. I do not have enough confidence in this product to use it again. Click here if you’re still interested in buying it.


Toupret Skimcoat Review


Toupret Skimcoat filler comes in ready mixed and as a powder. This is exceptionally smooth and easy to work with. You would normally use Skimcoat to surface fill and because of its consistency, you can spread a very thin layer over large areas of stonework with ease.

The cure time for Toupret skimcoat is around 24 hours and you can’t use it for blemishes over 5mm deep. Although it does have these limitations, this is a fantastic product. You will not be able to achieve a flatter, smoother finish with any other product. Sanding is relatively easy too and the flexibility and high adhesion of this product means repairs will always last. 


Toupret Exterior Masonry Filler Review - Decorator's forum UK

Toupret is a French manufacturer who are responsible for dozens of different fillers on the UK market.

Product Brand: Toupret

Editor's Rating:


  • Specific fillers, each designed to perform as well as it possibly can at a specific task.
  • Top quality.
  • Widley regarded as the best brand by Professional Decorators.


  • Because there is a wide range, rather than a “general purpose”, sometimes you need to buy multiple products.

Where to Buy Toupret Fillers


Both of these products are available just about anywhere including almost any trade paint counter and even screwfix (this gives you some indication of Toupret’s popularity). The best range of Toupret fillers I have found online is The Paint Shed. Click here to see online prices.


What Tools Will I Need to Apply Toupret Masonry Filler


When you’re working outside and filling render, having the correct tools for the job will make a big difference. Quality filling knives in different sizes will help you shape and sculpt your filler. There are plenty of good filling knives on the market, but unless you already have a selection, I recommend the ROLLINGDOG multi-pack. This contains 4 great quality filling knives of various sizes for a great price. Click here to see online prices.

You may also need a few other bits, like a kettle to mix your Toupret Masonry Filler, sandpaper, and dust sheets. I have included Amazon links below.

Updated May 30, 2024 | Posted Apr 17, 2020 | 14 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. Scott

    Thanks for this review, made my mind up between the Mur Ex and Toupretlith F.

  2. dave

    Do you put expanding foam in exterior cracks and then use this on top? Have you tried using expanding foam + polyfilla exterior masonry filler if so how do they compare?

    • Mike Cupit

      For very big holes maybe. Say if you’re removing a flu and filling what you’re left with. You need the repair to be solid so you wouldn’t use foam in any shallow repairs

  3. Simon Routledge

    Really good review. I live in a leasehold flat in an Edwardian house; the freeholder has instructed a stonemason who is using Toupretlith F to repair red sandstone that has suffered from years of poor maintenance.

    He has applied the mix at least three times on sandstone capping stones in the porchway and each time it seems to split. Is this also likely to be from the moisture in the sandstone that you mentioned?

  4. V Greg

    Hi guys,

    Great useful post, but what about Toupret Unblock vs Murex as at external masonry filler when the base wall surface is suffering from internal damp issues ? Also can you paint Dulux masonry weathershiled paint on either Murex and Humiblock ?

    Many thanks


  5. Angus

    Surely sandstone needs to be able to breathe, in which case Touprelith F would be the better option if, as you say, it stays porous? If the wall is then painted with water-based paint, stains may appear eventually but is that not better than internal damp of disintegration of stone caused by trapped moisture?

  6. Angus

    *damp OR disintegration

  7. terence

    do you wet the surface you are filling before applying toupret murex

    • Mike Cupit

      only if you’re filling it to a deep hole which is powdery and stopping your filler from sticking. Generally speaking, the dryer the better

      • Geoffrey Savage

        Nice reviews, thanks.

        One question please. Can the rock hard filler be drilled once dry?



  8. Dane

    Very helpful.
    Is Murex waterproof and would you add a little Sikka to make it so ?

  9. Kal

    Is it possible to use this Mure to fill torn drill holes, a d then Redhill I to tbe filled holes?

  10. Graeme Short

    Hi, would this work smoothing out rough render?

  11. Rian

    I mix is with SBR to make it waterproof


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