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We asked professional decorators from a well-known forum to tell us what they think is the best masonry filler on the market. To say it was a landslide would be an understatement, with almost every decorator naming Toupret as their preferred brand. These products are available online by clicking here, or a multitude of stockists.

Toupret Masonry Repair Filler (formerly known as Touprelith F), is a fantastic grey powder filler that once mixed with water can be used on all types of masonry. It can be easily shaped and sanded, or finished off with a damp sponge. You can even apply it to damp masonry. I have even used it to repair lath & plaster ceilings as it has great adhesion.

For larger deep holes I use Toupret Rock Solid Repair Filler (formerly Murex). This is a white powder filler that again, once mixed with water can be used on any masonry surface. It has no depth limit like some other fillers. It dries very quickly and very hard.

Overall, nothing comes close to the range and ability of Toupret Fillers. I wouldn’t be without them in my van. 👌🏻

Bryan Dennett

Professional Painter and Decorator


Toupret exterior Rock Solid Repair filler is the best! You must leave it until it’s almost unworkable then sponge it off, dries like cement and covers a dream. No come backs yet 👍🏽

Although it’s obviously all in the prep 😉

Ryan Meader

Professional Painter and Decorator

For me it’s dead easy. I have used plenty of masonry fillers in the past, but nothing comes close to Toupret! Their Murex (rock hard) filler doesn’t sand very well, so be careful with it. But, you can fill to any depth, it doesn’t slump, doesn’t shrink and it lasts your ever!! It’s definitely the best for long-lasting repairs.

John James

Professional Painter and Decorator

For me, the best masonry filler is Toupret Rock Solid filler, formally known as Murex. It contains a little bit of cement, meaning you need to leave it to cure a day before paint over. However, it doesn’t hold onto water like some of the other fillers you can buy, and it’s dead easy to work with. Often, once cured, the filler is harder than the rest of the masonry around it, so the chances of it failing are non-existent. I did a full review which you can see here.

I also rate the Toupret Skimcoat. This is a very smooth filler to use over large area. You can’t use it to fill deeper imperfections, but for smoothing over surface blemishes, it is amazing. It dries quickly and sands off without issue.

Mike Gregory

Professional Painter and Decorator

Toupret Repair filler is my go-to now due to availability and has never let me down. It fills to any depth, goes of rock hard, but is nice to sand. As an alternative, Dunlop do a Rapid Rescue Repair Filler. I think this beats the Toupret for use around window frames. The timber expands and contracts differently than the masonry and you need something with a little more elasticity. The Dunlop has this and can fill deep and wide gaps that are too big for exterior caulk or frame sealant.

Neil Bridgen

Professional Painter and Decorator

The best filler isn’t even a debate!! As long as you say Toupret you’re correct

Amazing stuff, sands well and lasts years what more do you want??


Professional Painter and Decorator

Best masonry filler on the market for render and stone windowsills

Toupret Rapid Repair Filler for me (Touprelith). It moulds and shapes well. Great for render repairs with a damp brush to help blend it in. Sands down easy also which is a bonus 👌🏻

Harry Clarke

Professional Painter and Decorator


Another vote for Toupret masonry filler, you can’t beat it now. I have tried Prestonet, but found Toupret, to sand down nice and you are able to mould it.

Anthony Dance

Professional Painter and Decorator

Toupret Masonry Repair filler – Nice and smooth applying and sands down to give a lovely smooth finish. They sell it everywhere too, it isn’t expensive and it gives you the best results.

Peter Thompson

Professional Painter and Decorator

If you want long lasting repairs on masonry, then the only product you need to look at is Toupret Rock Hard filler. You can use it to any depth, and it is the only filler I’ve used which I know will last for years. It just seems to go and go.

The only two drawbacks are you need to leave it overnight before painting and it doesn’t sand down very easily. Other than that it’s perfect.

Jim Benson

Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 11, 2024 | Posted Mar 29, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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