OneTime - Interior and Exterior Caulk Review Mike Cupit

OneTime – Interior and Exterior Caulk Review

Mike Gregory


Right, I’ve been asked to do an interior and exterior caulk review for the Decorators Forum and the best one I can think of is OneTime Red Devil from Ciret. I’ve played around with different caulks over the years and I have lost faith with the vast majority. For such a basic product, caulk comes with a whole host of problems! One caulk that has never let me down is OneTime.


The Feel

Let’s talk about the general feel of OneTime caulk. It is light in your hand but full of volume, meaning it’s easy to control when applying bigger beads. It is easy to clean up with a damp cloth and it’s generally nice to work with.


Interior and Exterior Caulk Review – will it last

That word “exterior”, I quite like that on a caulk because it means the caulk must remain flexible in order to last in the great outdoors. That isn’t just a bonus for exterior painting, but it is an important quality for interior use as well and it’s one not all caulks have. There is always going to be movement in a house. Something with a little bit of flexibility will outlast a product which has been sold “for interior use only”. It is pretty robust on an outside as well to be honest. I know firsthand that it will outlast some paint systems. I have full confidence that it will stand the test of time.


Overcoming the Issue of Crazing

One of the major headaches with modern day caulk is a phenomenon known as crazing. This is a mud cracking effect. It happens when you paint over a flexible substance which contracts after you paint has dried and creates surface tension. So, if your caulk hasn’t fully cured before you paint and is still shrinking, your paint will fail. It doesn’t even matter how long you leave some brands of caulk as they will absorb moisture from your paint, expand, then contract again, causing the same issue. It can be an absolute nightmare!! OneTime Red Devil is one of the only caulks I have found where this problem doesn’t occur. You can even get away with painting small beads straight away without issue. This is an almighty win.


You can buy this caulk from Crown Decorating Centres which are all over the place. I think you can probably get them from a load of other outlets too if I’m honest. I’ve had a look online and the best place I can find to buy it is My Paintbrush using discount code DF8 at the checkout.

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