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uPVC painting kits are available with Express delivery, our uPVC painting kits contain all the coating, cleaners, and application tools needed to ensure a high-quality finish on: 

  • uPVC windows 
  • uPVC doors 
  • uPVC fascias 
  • Composite doors 
  • uPVC conservatories 

The kits have 5000+ colours to choose from and are available in 4 pack sizes to suit the size of your project, from the front external window frames of an average terraced house up to the exterior windows and doors of the average detached house. 

Designed around the water-based, low-odour, quick-drying Kolorbond Aquatek. The product has a 10 year adhesion guarantee and 5 year colour fastness guarantee. Ideally formulated to be brush applied, great for site application on refurbishment projects, domestic & commercial applications. Use the following link to see current prices. 

How to Paint uPVC Windows


uPVC isn’t designed to be painted. In fact, quite the opposite. uPVC is waterproof and stain resistant, so on paper, you’d think that painting uPVC is a difficult task. Luckily, with modern paints this isn’t the case and painting uPVC is really quite easy.


Tools and Supplies

uPVC painting kit – Click here to see online prices.




Clean The uPVC

The first thing you should do is ensure that the window is clean. Some people use methylated spirits for this. However, if you do use the kit advertised above, it comes with a specialist cleaning fluid included. This is an important step.



Once clean, you should abrade with fine aluminium oxide (sandpaper). Be very careful not to scratch the glass. Your aim here is to ‘create a key’, which basically means you’re putting thousands of tiny scratches into the uPVC, which gives the paint something to grip to. You can also use a scouring pad.


Dust Off

Once prepped, simply dust off and wipe again with a cloth. I can’t stress enough the importance of getting your windows clean before you apply any paint. If you paint over dirt, then your coating will fail over time.


Paint the Window

Some people use masking tape to create a sharp line between glass and plastic. Avoid painting any rubber or silicone seals. Use a good quality paintbrush for the best results. A foam roller can also be used on the flat uPVC sides for a smoother finish.


You don’t need to buy the uPVC painting kit (available here), although it might be easier than buying the materials separately. Other quality paints for uPVC include Zinsser Allcoat (available here), and Bradite One Can (available here).




Will spraying uPVC windows give a better finish?

Spraying uPVC windows is the only way to achieve a factory type finish, however it’s not really a task I’d recommend as a DIY project. There are Specialist Decorators out there who do this type of work every day.


Does uPVC paint peel off?

Providing you get your prep right and then use the correct materials, uPVC paint will last 10 years or more before it fails and you need to paint over it again.


Can you use Dulux Weathershield on uPVC?

Dulux Weathershield is a fantastic range of paint and can be used on uPVC. However, you will need to use an adhesion primer to make a bond between uPVC and the rest of your paint system.


Do I need special paint for uPVC windows?

It’s quicker and easier to use a specialist paint, plus you know it will last. However, there are Multi Surface Paints on the market that are up to the task, and you could opt for the adhesion primer approach, meaning you can then use any exterior trim paint system.

Updated Jun 23, 2024 | Posted Apr 25, 2023 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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