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Bradite One Can is a water-based multi-surface paint which can be used as a primer, stain block, rust primer, and finish coat, all in ‘one can’. It is highly unusual for any paint product to do such an array of tasks, and as a bit of a paint geek, I must admit to being more than a little excited when I heard about the product a year ago. Since then, I’ve used it often, so I thought it was time to sit down and write an honest review.

Bradite One Can is available online by clicking here, or from many stockists around the UK. It comes in matt or eggshell, and you can buy it in white, black, or almost any tinted colour. Touch dry in just half an hour, and re-coat after an hour, which is remarkably fast for a product of this type.


My Bradite One Can Review


The first thing you notice about Bradite One Can is how quick and easy it is to apply. It’s loose, which means it flows from your brush and roller with ease. The finish is fantastic too! No annoying brush marks, or ‘stringy’ texture like I have come to expect from a lot of water-based trim products.


It lives up to it’s other claims too! You can indeed use it direct to rust and the paint finish will still look mint a year later (I’ve tested this extensively). This on its own is a very impressive quality for any water-based paint. The alternative multi-surface paints like Zinsser All Coat certainly can’t cope with rust, nor any other stains for that matter.

Talking about stains; Bradite One Can blocks grease, tannins, nicotine and even water damage as effectivly, or better than any other water-based stain block I’ve tried. As a professional decorator, I used to carry Zinsser BIN around in the van for unexpected stains bleeding through emulsion and other paints. I now carry Bradite specifically for its stain blocking qualities.

Bradite One Can is a great adhesion Primer too. I’ve used it on metal, uPVC and melamine, and it was fantastic on all of them. Oh, and on top of everything, you can even use this product outside as well as in, meaning it flexes with exterior surfaces and stands up to UV radiation. Click here to see current prices.


The Limitations of Bradite One Can


If you were to read the Technical Data Sheet, or even the first part of this review, you would be forgiven for thinking Bradite One Can is a paint without limitations, but it does have a couple.


The opacity in white is terrible! This is a shame really, as white is the most common colour you would use. However, if you’re going for a colour change to white, you will need a separate undercoat to block the colour before you apply the Bradite. This voids the “primer and finish coat in one” claim. That said, opacity in colours is fantastic! Just to drive home that point, below are photos of a set of melamine drawers before and after two coats of Bradite One Can in Anthracite Grey.

Bradite One Can to paint furniture
Bradite One Can is a great product

The other drawback I’ve found is a bit pedantic of me to point out, but I’m going to mention it anyway. I did a little test to find out how much tension Bradite One Can exhorts onto a surface as it cures compared to its competitors. It tightens and pulls quite a lot, which may not sound like a big deal, but it can cause issues.

If you’re prepping a previously painted surface and scrape off flaking paint, then re-coat with a product that’s going to cause surface tension, what’s to say it isn’t going to cause more of the previous coating to fail? The Bradite could lift the existing paint in places, and you’re left having to re-do the work again.




All said and done, I absolutely love Bradite One Can. I know the opacity in white is bad, but for one product to be capable of so much is a masterpiece in my book! It’s great on metal, plastic, it’s quick drying, blocks stains, the list goes on! Click here to see latest prices.


Review Summary

Bradite One Can Review - Decorator's forum UK

Bradite One Can is a water-based multi-surface paint which can be used as a primer, stain block, rust primer, and finish coat, all in ‘one can’.

Product Brand: Bradite

Editor's Rating:


  • Matt or eggshell finish.
  • Very short recoat time.
  • Easy to apply / good flow.
  • Opacity in colours is fantastic.
  • Good finish.
  • It’s so nice to have one product that does basically everything.


  • Opacity in white isn’t the best.
  • It creates surface tension as it dries.

Best Tools to Apply Bradite One Can


I thought I’d include a little section on the best tools to use to apply Bradite One Can. I treat it like any water-based eggshell I suppose. You should use a roller that doesn’t produce any orange peel, and a brush that holds its shape.

My favourite roller for this type of product is Two Fussy Blokes. It applies the paint evenly and leaves a flawless finish every time. Click here to see online prices.

As for the brush, the Purdy monarch Elite XL takes some beating. It holds loads of paint, will cut a straight line, and are soft enough to lay off. Click here to see online prices.

Updated Jun 16, 2024 | Posted Mar 22, 2023 | 2 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. Mark Masters

    Having just used Bradite black for the first time on internal doors i have to say the durability of this product is terrible
    Painted three weeks ago two coats and you can scrape it off with your finger never come across this before i have been a painter for 40 +year’s i cannot be the only one to experience this considerable problem

    • Mel mcilfatrick

      Hi Mark I’ve just came up against this problem recently, how did you rectify the problem


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