The Best White Gloss Paint

by Mike Gregory


As a decorator, the question “which is the best white gloss” comes up regularly. It used to be a simple choice, but now the range of gloss paint products are exponential. We’re not just talking about more brands (of which there are many), but there are also different types of gloss paint.


You have the traditional oil-based gloss, which turns yellow over time. Water-based gloss, which stays white forever, but generally leaves a substandard finish. Then hybrid gloss, which is a compromise between oil and water.


But let’s not get too bogged down with the science of paint. All I want to do in this blog, is talk about what I think are the three best white gloss products on the market. I can only go off my personal experience, so I apologise if your favourite isn’t on the list. However, I am a massive product geek, so I have tried a large proportion of the gloss paints that are available.



Crown Next Generation Gloss


OK, I know I said oil-based gloss turns yellow over time, and it does. But Crown Next Generation takes an awful long time to discolour. Available online, or any Crown Decorating Centre.


Unfortunately, Crown Next Generation gloss does not come in “brilliant” white, but it is available in standard white, which is very crisp and clean. The beauty of using this gloss is the sheen level and overall finish, which are second to none. It lays off well and you’re left with no brush marks.


This is the only oil-based gloss product that I will use nowadays. Legislation dictates which chemicals a manufacturer can use in paint production. As we strive for a more sustainable world, this legislation is getting tighter. Because of this, the overall performance of oil-based gloss has diminished somewhat, while water-based technology is improving.


That said, Crown Next Generation is still one of the three very best white gloss paints available in my opinion.


An easy 8/10 from me.


Teknos Futura Aqua 90


Futura 90 is a newly developed product from Teknos. This is a hybrid paint, so it retains some of the qualities of oil-based, even though it is mostly water-based.


Available online in white and many tinted colours. You need to use the Teknos Futura primer when using Futura 90 to maintain good levels of adhesion. I have used a lot of products in my years as a decorator and I can categorically say that this is by far the best gloss paint you’re ever likely to come across.


Opacity of the gloss is poor. However, opacity of the primer makes up for it! You can apply multiple coats of either product in a day and the ease of use is brilliant. The best thing about Teknos Futura 90 is, unlike most other hybrid or water-based gloss paints, it has an incredibly high sheen level. It’s very durable too!!


This gloss still looks brand new years after it has been applied. You may find it easier to apply the paint using a foam roller, then laying off with a brush. Keeping your brush wet, or even wiping your surfaces with a damp cloth before painting will help you avoid brush marks.


9/10 for me. I’d highly recommend


Johnstone’s Aqua Gloss


This is probably the third best choice on the market, and one of the original hybrid gloss systems. Available online, or any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre in white, brilliant white, or any of about a million tints.


The sheen level and ease of use are great. As is the overall finish.


It feels as though Johnstone’s Aqua gloss has much more oil in it than Teknos Futura 90. You cannot simply wash a brush out with clean water, as you would with other systems. Instead, you should start off with water, then finish washing out with a product called Clean Spirit.


You do notice the yellowing too. It doesn’t discolour as quickly as most oil-based gloss products, but you do see the colour slowly change after a couple of years. It is known as a “brush killer” too, but there are ways around this. The paint dries and clogs in the ferrule of the brush, splaying the bristles. All you need to do is keep your brush wet. Spin it out in a bucket of water every half an hour or so and you won’t have an issue.


It’s funny, a few years ago, Johnstone’s Aqua was widely regarded as the best white water-based gloss paint available. However, comparing it to the more modern Teknos Futura 90 just outlines its flaws. It is still good, but it’s harder to apply, can damage your brushes and turns yellow after a couple of years.


Still scores 7/10



What do Other Decorators Think is the Best White Gloss?

I’m using water-based Dulux Quick Dry Gloss right now and I love it. It gives great finish, but two things are quite important when using this paint. Firstly, you need to use right undercoat, so the one from the Dulux range (I love that primer/undercoat with brown label – expensive, but wonderful and has a lot of different uses).


Second is to make your brush slightly wet with water from time to time, so having a scuttle or mug with a little of water will be useful. It makes the gloss flow a lot easier. Just make sure to not do it too often, or too much water, as this gloss run like water anyway.


Water-based gloss is harder to use (not levelling like oil-based gloss) but it won’t yellow with time, which is important for the client. One thing that is important for any decorator is drying time, and water-based gloss has a drying time of around 6 hours. This means you can put second coat on same day. It also doesn’t smell like solvent and finally, your brushes are easier to clean.


Some decorators do two coats of undercoat and one gloss coat (quicker drying time + u/c is easier to work with), personally prefer one u/c and two topcoats of gloss. This is just in case you miss something deep in the corner on first coat.


By the way, using popular paint (and Dulux trade is for sure one) have one more good side – you can always get it easy in local shop.

Pioter Sulecki

Teknos Futura for me. Bot many people are using it yet, but it’s the only water-based gloss that has a good sheen level. It can be a bit stringy, but it flies on and the finish is good. Quick drying, low VOV, good for the environment and customers love it.


Oil-based has had it’s day and fully water-based is not food enough yet. Teknos is a happy medium.

John Massam

I use crown next generation gloss. It is lovely to apply and covers brilliant. It doesn’t seem to yellow either, so lasts a long time.

Kristian Ackerley

Used the Teknos Futura 90 recently (water-based gloss) and liked it. Always prepared for prime plus 2 tops for any water-based product, but still prefer for ease of use and cleaning. Gave a decent sheen. But……. Also recently did a all, stairs and landing before Christmas and the customer insisted on oil gloss. Used Dulux Trade and it performed well with 1 undercoat and 1 gloss. Shine like a mirror.

Neil Bridgen

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