Dulux Diamond Eggshell Review

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I wouldn’t normally review an acrylic eggshell, as most trade eggshells are very similar. However, I used Dulux Diamond Eggshell recently and I was very impressed, so I figured I’d jot a few words down.

Dulux Diamond eggshell is available in white or any colour from Dulux’s vast range. You can use it as an emulsion on walls and ceilings, or as a woodwork paint on internal skirting boards, doors, windowsills etc. You will need an adhesion primer if you intend to apply it to surfaces which are previously coated with oil-based paint.

Dulux Diamond eggshell in a tinted colour is just over £100 for 5 litres on the shelf at Dulux Decorating Centre, and unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it is almost certainly cheaper to buy this product online by clicking here. Plus, by buying online, you can get any colour matched from a different brand.


Dulux Diamond Eggshell Review


Right, let’s get down to the actual review. I used Dulux Diamond eggshell recently to paint the walls in a gym. It makes a very tough emulsion, so it’s perfect for high traffic areas. You can even give it a good wipe if you scuff it, which makes it perfect for a commercial area such as  gyms or schools.

Diamond eggshell is an expensive paint, so it needs to perform well. I wasn’t expecting it to perform as well as it did though. One coat of eggshell in a deep brown almost covered a strong purple, which is unheard of. It seems to go for miles too, meaning you cover large areas with a single tin of paint.


Ease of use is perfect!! Especially the second coat, which seems to fly on. The finish is great, however, as with most eggshell products, flashing can sometimes be a pain. The only eggshell I’ve found that doesn’t have an issue with flashing is Lick.

Providing you think ahead to avoid flashing on the application stage, you should be fine. The sheen level is somewhere around 20%, which is standard for an eggshell. It doesn’t run either. I know it’s expensive and the flashing is an issue, but everything else about this paint really is good

Opacity is great in any colour apart from white. If you’re changing a wall colour to white, you may want to blank it out using a good quality vinyl matt before you go on with Diamond eggshell. Click here for more information, or to see latest prices.


Review summary

Dulux Diamond Eggshell Review - Decorator's forum UK

A fully water-based acrylic emulsion used on interior walls, ceiling, and woodwork. Can be tinted into any colour.

Product Brand: Dulux Trade


  • Very durable.
  • Widley available.
  • Great flow.
  • Good opacity in tinted colours.
  • A tin seems to go a long way.


  • Flashing can be an issue in light critical areas.
  • It’s expensive.

Best Tools to Use to Apply Dulux Diamond Eggshell


Let’s talk tools!! This section of the review is based on my personal preference, but if you follow my recommendation, you won’t go far wrong.

As Dulux Diamond Eggshell flows beautifully, you can use a slightly softer brush to apply it with. My favourite is the ProDec Ice Fusion. You’ll find it hold loads of paint, distributes it evenly and is reasonably priced. You’ll have no problem striking a straight line with an Ice Fusion in Diamond Eggshell. Available online by clicking here.

My absolute favourite roller for this type of product is the Axus Décor silk touch, simply because there is absolutely no orange peel at all. This is ideal for any acrylic eggshell product. The walls are always silky smooth when finished, which is perfect when you’re decorating in someone’s home. The roller heads will fit the standard size cage. Click here to see current prices.


Oil-Based Alternatives to Dulux Diamond Matt


Ok, there isn’t really an alternative if you want to use an eggshell as an emulsion, but if you’re using it on woodwork, you’ve got a clear choice. You might go with Dulux Diamond Eggshell, which is water-based paint, or you could use Dulux Trade Eggshell, which is an oil-based.

Dulux Trade eggshell is available online by clicking here, in pretty much any colour. It is self-undercoating on previously painted surfaces and is very easy to use. Opacity in white isn’t the best, so you may choose to apply one coat of oil-based undercoat, followed by one coat of Dulux Trade eggshell.

The finish is great though. The sheen level calms down over the course of a couple of weeks, leaving you with a flat luxurious painted surface.




What is the difference between Dulux Eggshell and Diamond Eggshell?

There are three different products here, so let’s not get confused. Dulux Quick Dry Eggshell is a retail paint that you would use on interior trim like doors and other woodwork. Being retail, the quality isn’t quite as good. Dulux Trade Eggshell is an oil-based paint used on interior trim. Dulux Trade Diamond Eggshell is a water-based product that can be used as an emulsion for interior walls and ceilings, as well as interior trim.


Is Dulux Diamond eggshell worth it?

You’re always going to pay a premium for a paint like Dulux Diamond Eggshell, but the quality of the paint justifies the cost. Your paint finish will look good, remain durable, and retain its colour.


Where do you use diamond eggshell?

You might use Dulux Diamond Eggshell in a kitchen, bathroom, communal areas, or other high-traffic areas. It’s a very durable paint used on walls, ceilings, and woodwork.


Is Dulux Diamond eggshell shiny?

Dulux Diamond Eggshell has a sheen level of around 20% (this varies depending on colour). To put that into perspective, matt has a sheen of around 7%, and satin has a sheen of around 40%. So Eggshell sits somewhere in the middle.

Updated Jun 6, 2024 | Posted Jan 3, 2022 | 6 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.


  1. Gareth Thompson

    Better products available for that sort of price. Benjamin Moore Scuff x for example?

    • Angelo

      Hi Gareth,
      Did you use B&M Scuff X for wood (doors and skirting) or walls? I went to buy it from a local store and they didn’t know.
      Also, looks like it’s a base paint and they have to tint it, I want white but still have to be tinted ?!

      • Gareth

        Scuff X can be used on all surfaces, walls, wood and radiators. All colours including white has to be tinted.

        • Dean Scott

          3 times the price for slightly less paint!

  2. Andy

    Does Diamond Eggshell come in a oil based paint ?
    Or just water based

    • Mike Cupit

      Dulux Trade Eggshell is the oil-base version


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