The Best Painting Tools for Emulsion

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As a professional decorator, I thought I’d tell you what I use on a day-to-day basis in terms of equipment. I’m using Crown Covermatt today, and I’m applying it with what I believe are the best painting tools for emulsion. I hope you find this blog useful.


Paint Rollers

Purdy colossus 6 + 12-inch rollers are the best for any emulsion. The 6-inch was my game changer the first time used it few years ago. Great for cutting and rolling small areas. The Purdy 12-inch roller is great for bigger areas, walls, and ceilings.

Both rollers hold a huge amount of paint and spread it so well. You can use 1 inch nap on smooth/semi smooth surfaces. Purdy Colossus paint rollers are also easiest roller to wash out after painting.


I have also used the Purdy Colossus 18-inch roller, which was also great for large ceilings. If you’re using colossus for a first time, make sure to wash it properly before use, as it will lose nap.

Today it’s hard to find 1/2 or 3/4 nap, but even 1″, which is dedicated to semi rough and rough surfaces. These will give you good finish on smooth walls in no time. Available online by clicking here.


Best Paint Brush

I want to mention the Purdy elite monarch 3″ stiff paint brush- As a Purdy guy, I’m a bit suspired with this brush, but in a bad way.

It holds a good amount of paint and gives a nice finish, but it isn’t perfect for cutting. Maybe it’s because I’m used to using a slightly smaller brush? Or maybe it’s too stiff? It does have its place, particularly when you need to apply thick coats of paint. I had one for few years and today I got out of box for first time since new. Available online here.


Wooster Gold Edge 2-inch brush is much better- I’m impressed at how sharp and nice this brush is, ideal for quality cutting! It also leaves very few brush marks etc. Too bad I only bought one of them when they were on offer at Screwfix!!  I’d like to try this brush in oil-based satinwood to see how it gets on!!

And finally, I wanted to talk about Crown’s Obliteration Matt. I know I’ve had problems before, but that was in crazy colours. Providing you aren’t using anything too blerish, and you use the best tools for emulsion, you won’t have any problems.

Updated Apr 22, 2023 | Posted May 10, 2022 | 0 comments


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