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Specialist Ceiling Paints – Review and Guide

When I started decorating 20 years ago, no one would dream of using a special type of paint on a ceiling. I know I probably sound old, but we didn’t need to back then. There were very few open-plan, light critical ceilings and the emulsions we used were generally flatter, so there were no issues with flashing and picture framing like there are nowadays.

Things are different now though. Large ceilings with a big light-source at one side will normally show blemishes if you use a standard emulsion. Therefore, specialist ceiling paints were developed and are now widespread.


What Qualities do Specialist Ceiling Paints Have and Why?


These paints are generally water-based emulsions with very low sheen levels. The lower the sheen level, the less shadowing you’ll notice. So, you won’t see any flashing or picture framing. A good ceiling paint will even hide bad plasterwork to a certain degree.


Moreover, peoples’ tastes have changed over the years. Gloss is out; a very flat matt finish is far more stylish. The most desirable finish you can hope to achieve on a ceiling is soft and even, almost luxurious with a great depth. This is what ceiling paints offer!


Which Products Should you Look Out For?


I’ll take you through the most popular specialist ceiling paints and tell you a little bit about each. This will help you decide on what to go for.

Tikkurila Anti-Reflex

This is the brand leader amongst professional decorators when it comes to this type of paint. As the name suggests, there is very little in terms on light reflected from the ceiling film. The finish is luxurious and deep. You can buy this paint online in white, or any light colour. The opacity isn’t great, so you may need to apply an extra coat, but this is still a product I adore and use on a regular basis.

Full review here


Teknos Teknoceiling

Teknos is a new player when it comes to this type of emulsion, but the Teknoceiling has become a major contender since it was launched a year ago. Available online, it gives a very flat finish and the opacity is fantastic. I still prefer the overall finish of Tikkurila Anti-Reflex, but it isn’t always worth the extra coat. Teknoceiling will perform better than any standard emulsion on the market.

Full review here.


WRX Ceiling Paint

WRX is different to any other specialist ceiling paint. It’s a pure acrylic with a gorgeous finish!! Opacity is bang on and it’s very durable. The reason I say it’s different is because it doesn’t strive to be completely sheen-less like the others. Instead, it just seems to sit on itself nicely, like snowfall. The finish has a delicate feel/look to it which I absolutely love.

Full review here

Posted Jul 10, 2022 | 2 comments

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  1. Lee bond

    Only been using AR2 for the last 6 months. Absolutely brilliant paint. By far the best ceiling paint I’ve used in 25 years.
    Still want to try the tecknos though.
    Only drawback with AR2, is the paint does get bits in it fairly quickly as it’s latex.
    Nothing a siv doesn’t solve though

  2. John Mcbride

    I’ve used teknos and I like it but now use dulux ultra matt it’s as good and off the shelf which is a bonus


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