Sandtex Trade Smooth Masonry Paint Review

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Sandtex – made by Crown – is, along with Dulux Weathershield and Johnstone’s Stormshield, one of the “big three” brands of paint for exterior work.

I was asked to write a review of their High Cover Smooth Masonry paint, and I’ll be honest and say that I feel a bit of a fraud doing so, as I don’t do a lot of external work; the area where I live is dominated by 1970’s and 1980’s red brick housing, and as a result there isn’t as much call for external work, and to be honest, given the reliability of the British weather, I’m not all that disappointed! There will be many of you reading this who have far more experience with these things than me, but here goes anyway!

Sandtex High Cover Smooth is a water-based masonry paint. You can use it straight out the tin on previously painted surfaces, or dilute it to act as a primer on unpainted surfaces. It can be applied by brush, roller or spray (if you have the right setup), and is touch-dry after 1-2 hours, and can be recoated after 3-5. That means if you plan your job carefully you can get two coats on in a day. While the drying time is slower than both Johnstone’s and Dulux (both of which make big claims about being “shower proof in only x minutes”), it really isn’t a problem unless rain is forecast. But if you’ve got a nice dry warm day, work out how much you can get painted in 4 hours, paint it, and then paint it again!


It’s really difficult to find anything that I don’t like about this product. In fairness, I’d probably say the same about Johnstone’s and Dulux. It’s easy to use (I used brush and roller), goes on nicely, dries fairly quickly, looks great, covers areas of filler without it flashing, has good opacity.… I can’t find a fault with it really.

I did part of this house a couple of years ago, and then went back to do the rest after they’d had some alterations done. The bits I’d done before still looked brand new, it hadn’t faded, there was no flaking, nothing needed touching up. The house is only half a mile from where I live, and I often walk my dog past it – it feels good to walk past and think “I did that, and it still looks great”. And to be honest, that’s what you want, isn’t it – a product that’s easy to use, looks good when it’s done, and stands the test of time.


Final Thoughts


I like Sandtex smooth masonry paint. It is widely available at a reasonable price and the paint performs well. It is easy to use and seems to stand up well to the weather. I don’t do a lot of exterior work, but I will consider using Sandtex in the future. A good, solid trade product.

You can buy Sandtex Trade masonry paint, and many other Sandtex products at your local Crown Decorating Centre. However, unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it is probably cheaper to buy this product online by clicking here.

Sandtex Trade Smooth Masonry Paint Review

Sandtex 365 All Weather masonry Paint


I thought I’d mention the All Weather Masonry paint briefly, as this is a viable alternative to Sandtex Smooth Masonry. In fact, this is the pliolite (oil-based) version of the same product. Available online in white by clicking here, or in tinted colour from your nearest Crown Decorating Centre.

Being oil-based, Sandtex 365 has a much longer drying time, but can be applied any time of the year. This paint will block stains too, meaning it is more suitable for use on garden walls or sandstone. The finish is lovely, and the opacity is unreal. I’d go as far as to say this is one of, if not THE best pliolite based masonry paint products on the market. The colours are rich and deep.

Sandtex Trade Smooth Masonry Paint Review – by Robin Gofton

Updated May 18, 2024 | Posted Sep 18, 2021 | 1 comment

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About the Author

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  1. richard

    Johnstone water based dries at 2c now goes 17sm 2c is far lower than the others essential at this time of year it’s a good overall finish dries fairly Matt which might help hide bad render.
    Johnstones is also far cheaper than sandtex and Dulux on accounts


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