Red Devil Onetime Superior Decorator’s Caulk

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Ok, I’ve been sent a tube of Red Devil Superior Decorators Caulk from the lovely people at the Decorators Forum UK and asked to give an independent review. They told me to be honest, so I will be, and I must say, it’s rather nice to use!! As a decorator, caulk is something I use pretty much every day.

I’m pleased that they’ve written “interior or exterior” on the tubes of the Red Devil caulk, as I’ve used a few over the years that are definitely not exterior rated. It’s to do with the flexibility of the product. If caulk can cope in an exterior environment, then you know it is easily flexible enough to cope with the movement inside your home.

Packaging is bright and cheerful, easily identifiable.

Straight out of the tube it’s smooth and free flowing from a standard Caulk gun.

Wipes off the finger straight away with a big wipe, I’m trying not to get it all over my leg as it flows very freely. (I’m happy to put that down to my old Caulk gun though.) This is a breath of fresh air for a caulk. It means you can use Red Devil over prolonged periods and keep your work neat and tidy.


Seems to be a nice bit of kit actually. Easily one of the better caulk products on the market.

Left to dry over a couple of hours and it paints over in Armstead Contract Matt Magnolia with no splitting or crazing. It does everything you’d expect from a premium quality caulk. Red Devil Superior Decorators Caulk is easily the best product of its type I have used. I’m just gutted I didn’t try it sooner!

This gets a good old fashioned 10/10

Thanks for reading my Red Devil Superior Decorators Caulk review. For more information have a look at Ciret’s website

There are many different places you can buy this product. Crown Decorating Centres are probably the biggest chain. The cheapest place I have found this product online is TopDec, but there are plenty of other suppliers.


My Red Devil Onetime Superior Decorator’s Caulk Review

Red Devil Onetime Superior Decorator’s Caulk - Decorator's forum UK

A general-purpose Decorators’ caulk that can be used inside or out.

Product Brand: Ciret UK

Editor's Rating:


  • Resistant to mould growth.
  • Internal and external use.
  • Over-paintable.
  • Adheres to most materials.
  • Permanently flexible.
  • Smooth, easy application.
  • Simple water clean-up.


  • Seems very like other products which are already available.

What Other Decorators Think

OneTime Red Devil Caulk Sealant is a good all-round caulk, minimal shrinkage and crazing, even when using cheaper emulsion paints. It is fairly cheap and readily available too. Every decorator will have come into contact with OneTime caulk at some point in their career. Click here to see online prices. It’s also worth having a look at their lightweight filler , which is perfect for minor imperfections on walls, ceilings and woodwork.

After using OneTime Red Devil caulk sealant on a recent project, I am pleased to say it didn’t disappoint. In all honesty I haven’t had many caulks fail on me without it being down to user error. It’s either in cold conditions or trying to paint over it before the caulk has dried properly. However, it’s good to finally find a caulk which never fails, even when conditions aren’t right.

With the writing appearing to be smudged on the tube; Using the product is guesswork. Although we all use decorators’ caulk on a regular basis, it would be nice to know if it needs to be left for an hour or if it would need considerably longer. I also found that the caulk didn’t have a very long working time before it started to ‘roll up’, like how a pencil eraser does. Not to worry, I still found the Red Devil caulk easy enough to work with.

With a +/- 12% flexibility, the One Time Red Devil Caulk Sealant gives you greater confidence when using it on a new project. The mould resistant qualities of the product make ideal for use in kitchens and bathrooms. Plus, you can use this caulk on an on the exterior of a building, which is handy in itself, but it also tells me it will easily perform well enough for any internal work. It means you can use it on cracks on the side of stairs, or skirting board and there is less chance of the crack recurring.

In conclusion, I like the OneTime Red Devil Caulk Sealant and will use it again. It has a good working time and flexibility. The best thing is the ease of use, which is fantastic. This is easily one of the best caulk products I have used. No crazing or cracking, and the flexibility means repairs will last.

You can buy the Red Devil caulk sealant from loads of different trade outlets. Click here to see online prices.

Rob Greenwood

Professional Decorator

Updated May 21, 2024 | Posted Sep 11, 2019 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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