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Available online by clicking here, Red Devil OneTime is one of those light fluffy pure white fillers, you know, the kind that fall off the knife and basically go every where but in their originally intended orifice. Not One Time have I ever been able to control those bloody fillers. Yet this filler is a degree thicker than most, allowing it to be masterfully persuaded into the tiniest crevice, yet light enough to hold it’s own in a tunnel of a hole left by an overzealous plumber or electrician. It even says on the pack to add a drop or two of water to the filler if it’s too dry to work with. A handy tip that!


The packaging is full of wondrous statements. ‘Spreads easily’ its does. ‘No sanding required’ well we all know that depends on the applicant. ‘Paintable in minutes’ it certainly is, although may I just remind you that in no way implies that it is sandable in minutes, because I assure you, it is not. In fact, I’m not at all sure exactly how long it takes to fully dry. But the surface did dry just in time for another coat of paint to be applied to obliterate the flashing.

‘Interior and Exterior’ I must admit I am yet to use it outside and really put it to the test, but how many other light weight white fillers can you think of that are suitable for use outside? There aren’t many. So I’m looking forward to an opportunity to try it there. ‘Won’t shrink or crack’ Well I can’t say this isn’t a little far fetched OneTime, get on that naughty step. In 2 of the 10 instances I used this It did shrink.


However, perhaps I should have filled those holes a little proud. They were neither excessively bigger nor more awkward that the others, so I guess it could have been down to atmospheric properties such as moisture in the substrate or excessive temperatures. ‘Water Clean Up’ yeah, it does. I mean, it’s so easy and clean to work with there isn’t honestly a great deal to clean up, but what there is wipes off the knife and obliterates into a thousand microns at the touch of a damp cloth. What a joy.

To summarise I would say this is a fantastic light weight filler. It has all the hallmarks of a winner. There will always be instances where a light weight ready mixed filler is not quite suitable, fine filling for example, or surfaces where you want the substrate to remain strong and impervious to impact. Then the Red Devil OneTime will not be your friend. However keep him on the van for all other filling opportunities. You will not be disappointed.

That was my Red Devil One Time filler review, I hope you enjoyed it. It’s available from any Crown Decorating Centre or online. Click here to see online prices.

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Red Devil One Time Review - lightweight filler - Decorator's forum UK

This is an interior and exterior lightweight filler. You can use it on plasterboard, plaster, or woodwork.

Product Brand: Red Devil

Editor's Rating:


  • It can be used both indoor and out.
  • It is paintable with water-based paints in minutes.
  • You can fill large and small holes.
  • It's light yet manageable.
  • Worth the price tag.


  • You need to prime it or give it at least two coats of paint to cover.
  • No maximum depth is specified.
  • Shrinks slightly.
  • Soft even when dry.

Updated May 19, 2024 | Posted Jul 27, 2019 | 7 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.


  1. jamie hales

    im sorry but when using anything that creates a skin it grins through like a mo fo

  2. Alistair young

    The biggest problems i have with plaster based fillers on large areas like ceilings are i cant find the areas again when dry. I wonder if anyone can suggest a dye for powdered filler?

  3. Hazel Pryer

    Filled fine cracks, but they reappeared a few days later. Have done this 3times and they still reappear

    • Mike Cupit

      Hi Hazel

      The Red Devil filler doesn’t normally shrink or move. I would guess that there is a little bit of movement in the cracks which is causing them to reopen

  4. Helen

    I love this product. Had to fill out a big hole on a skirting board, where a single electric socket used to be.

    I was impatient. Filled out the whole hole, at one go. And leave it, for overnight.

    It was rock hard and ready to paint the next evening. Almost 24 hours.

    Now have primer and painted one coat. The hole, like never there.


  5. C&M Decorators

    It does shrink, it grins like a bas##rd, it doesn’t dry hard, it will sand but only lightly, would I use it outside? No I wouldn’t not a chance!

    • Finn

      Is this suitable for filling jobs where the surface will be subject to vibrations? (In a converted van) or are there better options you could suggest?


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