Reasonably Priced Good Value Paint Brushes

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I’ve been a professional decorator most of my working life and in that time I’ve used a hell of a lot of different brands of paint brush. Today I’m going to name what I think are the best reasonably priced, but good value paint brushes on the market.

Don’t get me wrong, if you want to spend the money you can still splash out for something special like an Oldfields, or the more traditional Purdy paint brush. Either of those choices would be money well spent. But if you don’t want to spend a fortune and still come away with a great brush, then look at Prodec Ice Fusion, Kana professional from Ciret, or Hamilton contractor brush. These are the only three value paint brushes I have tried and I can vouch for. Some of the others seem a bit naff.

The Ice Fusion paint brush is a fantastic bit of kit that are available online by clicking here, or most trade outlets. You’ll find them around half the price of a purdy, but just as good in performance and quality. They hold a lot of paint, shed very few bristle, great for cutting in and wash out easily. A brilliant emulsion brush.

Karna from Ciret are another great value paintbrush. These are probably a third of the price of a purdy, but are very similar in terms of performance. The 3inch paintbrush in particular is awesome in emulsion or masonry. Whereas the smaller 2inch Kana would be best suited for oil-based or varnish and stain. These are available from Screwfix and other DIY outlets. Or you can click here to see online prices.


Hamilton contractor, or “for the trade” is the newest paintbrush on this blog, and it is also the cheapest. You can pick them up online by clicking here or Crown Decorating Centre. This paintbrush is fantastic when it’s new.

They seem to hold a lot of paint and cut a nice, sharp line. They don’t seem to last too long, but for the price, you can afford to throw it away after painting a room.

Reasonably Priced Good Value Paint Brushes – by Mike Gregory


What do Other Decorators Think?

The Ice Fusion from ProDec are very good value and around 13 quid for a 3.

It’s the hybrid paints like the Johnstone’s aqua undercoat that messes them up usually, however, they’ve even stayed ok with that too.

I used to think Prodec were cheap and nasty, but I even like their standard synthetic range at around £3 a brush.

Why not just spend an extra fiver and get an Oldfields? You won’t find anything better.

Rick Lusher

Professional Painter and Decorator

Ice Fusion are the best cheap brush on the market in my opinion. They don’t last for years and years, but the performance of them is absolutely brilliant. I don’t see why the likes of Purdy get all the limelight. Ice Fusion are better brushes and a lot cheaper to buy.

Lee Thornton

Professional Painter and Decorator


If you want a good quality, cheap paint brush, why not look at the Deco Style form Aldi. These are a cheap sash brush, they hold a lot of paint and they cut the perfect line.

I read something recently on how Hamilton test their paint brushes. Now I picture how every paint brush would stand-up to the same level of testing. I reckon the Deco Style would out perform some of the big boys.

I know it isn’t a brush, but the Aldi paint sprayer is good too.

Pete Williams

Professional Painter and Decorator

I agree ProDec and Kana are good paint brushes, but as decorators, saving a couple of quid on a paint brush isn’t a priority. There are loads of awesome brushes out there now. The Fossa Viper, Purdy Monarch Elite, Staalmeester, the list goes on.

I know my comment doesn’t really contribute to the subject. I just couldn’t imagine sticking with one or two brush brands.

Sam Cooper

Professional Painter and Decorator

Ice Fusion have got to be the best “reasonably priced brush”. It is my favourite paintbrush for emulsion and water-based trim paints. It is also the cheapest brush in my box. It costs less than a tenner for a 3inch brush and it’ll last you ages before you need to throw it away.

Buy any other cheap paintbrush and you’ll need to throw it away after a couple of uses, so it’s false economy.

Mark Cunninham

Professional Painter and Decorator

I don’t understand why people buy cheap paintbrushes. I’m a decorator, and trust me, you’ll get a much better finish with a good paintbrush than you will with a cheap one. The heads are better, they’ll hold more paint, you won’t get brush marks, and you’ll be able to cut a straight line. If you do want a cheap paintbrush, go for Kana or an Ice Fusion.

Mike Fred

Professional Painter and Decorator

Updated May 9, 2024 | Posted Jan 30, 2021 | 0 comments

About the Author

About the Author

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