ProDec Ice Fusion Paint Brush Review

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I’ve been a professional decorator all my working life and I’m a little bit of a brush-a-holic when it comes to my tool kit. I grow attached to certain brushes and I get excited when it comes to trying new brushes. You can imagine my delight when the Decorators Forum UK asked me to do a ProDec Ice Fusion Brush review.

I’ve got to be honest; I wasn’t expecting much from this brush. The Ice Fusion rollers are good, but other than that I can’t think of one good product ProDec make. Not to say ProDec doesn’t have its place. I think products designed to a particular budget play a big part it the decorating industry. For example; I wouldn’t use high end masking tape on a floor because it costs a bomb, and I wouldn’t use an expensive brush to paint exterior masonry.


The Cost of the Ice Fusion


Anyway, let’s get to the actual brush. I paid about twenty quid for a box in my local Crown Decorating Centre. That’s a lot cheaper than I was expecting to be honest. Again, this didn’t fill me with much hope about the overall performance, but hay ho. You can buy the Ice Fusion brush in three different sizes. Plus, they do an angled and a stubby, which was quite impressed with. Click here to see current prices.


First Impressions of the Ice Fusion


The overall look of the Ice Fusion brush is stunning! The Ferrule is encased in stainless steel giving it a space age feel. I’m genuinely surprised at the quality of the build. According to the bumf that comes with it, the bristles are tapered so they hold more paint and there is some sort of spring technology which keeps the brushes shape.


The Performance Review


I have now used the Ice Fusion Brush in a few products. The bristles feel long and soft, however they do hold a ridiculous amount of paint. You can control the paint with ease when cutting a straight line and squaring up in corners is dead easy to do. Plus, because there is space in between the bristles, washing the brush takes no time at all!

Water-based trim paints are usually a nightmare to cut in as they don’t seem to have any body. This has got to be the best brush on the market for thin water-based satinwood or gloss. Even on emulsion, cutting in a feature wall is really easy. I genuinely cannot believe the quality of the Ice Fusion brush in comparison to its price. I’ve just been back to buy another couple of boxes. This is now my favorite brush of all time. I’d say it is too soft for oil-based paint, or emulsion that is dragging… For everything else, the Ice Fusion is your best bet.

For more information on the brush, click here

ProDec Ice Fusion Brush Review – by Lee Thornton

Updated Feb 22, 2024 | Posted Sep 4, 2019 | 1 comment

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