Paintbrush review: Picasso vs Purdy

by Sultan Decorators

Paintbrushes we’ve known and loved


Reza from Sultan Decorators has been in the trade for 12 years, and for over 6 of them, he has been refusing to try any other paintbrush brand than Purdy. Having the right bristles can make all the difference for us in the decorating business. A true decorator takes loving care of his tools because he or she depends on them. The brush is not only a tool, it’s the painter’s companion, and so it is a quite special relationship. A while ago we won a set of Picasso Brushes on Twitter from Coleman Trade Paints. I had been reading online that these paintbrushes are quick and accurate. From a purely superficial point of view, they sure look sharp with those orange filaments.

Using the Picasso Proforma


So this summer, Reza finally put those Purdys away to try out The Picasso Proforma Package. He’s been working with water-based paints, mainly Farrow & Ball and Dulux Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion. Reza has reluctantly admitted that he is very impressed by the Picasso’s precision. It is obvious that these are quality brushes. They hold the paint firmly, clean up very well and provide an excellent finish. If Reza used a less professional brush, it would have required a roller or some more sanding. But the Picasso’s made his work smooth as silk.

These are his new favourite go-to brushes. Reza has used them on 3 jobs and they still look really neat. Compare it to the cheap ones on the left, which were used by his apprentice for just one day – the difference is obvious.


Almost on par with Purdy


The Picasso Proforma are ALMOST on par with Purdy, but have one small, yet vital drawback…

If you compare the Picasso’s to other brushes, the handles are unusually long. Reza prefers to hold the brush very close to the bristle, and so not only can it be awkward – it makes the brush heavier. Reza’s hands were a little bit more tired than usual after each long day of painting.

But what is a tired hand, when the Picasso Proforma brushes cut in with precision and style?

Where to Buy


You can buy both Purdy and Picasso from a few different places. I know Dulux and Crown Decorating Centres sell both brands of paintbrush. If you prefer ordering your tools online, you may want to check out My Paintbrush where they have a huge range of paintbrushes at reasonable prices. You can even use discount code DF8 at the checkout for 8% off. CLICK HERE to visit My Paintbrush

The bottom line is always in the finish – and in this area Picasso definitely delivers.

Diana Voxerbrant is the managing director of Sultan Decorators Ltd and loves to force her painter husband to try out new tools and materials. She also writes and talks too much, you can follow her or Reza on Twitter for more banter and North London stories. We’re also on Instagram as The Sultans of Muswell Hill and Facebook too… or just read her previous post about decorator MYTHS that need to be demolished.

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Paintbrush review: Picasso vs Purdy