Oxera Rebuild Wood Repair Review

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As far as I know, there are three manufacturers offering epoxy timber repair products in the UK; Repair Care, Timbabuild and Oxera. Oxera has been manufacturing this type of product for decades under “white label”, but a couple of years ago they decided to launch their own range under their own name.

The main difference between the three brands as far as I can tell, is that you buy direct from the manufacturer when you buy Oxera Wood Repair Products, which means the prices are more competitive.

Epoxy timber repair products are far superior to normal 2-pack polyester type fillers like Ronseal, especially when used on exterior timber. Epoxy fillers expand and contract with the timber, and act as a strong adhesive. So much so, that Oxera can offer a 10-year guarantee on any repairs you carry out using their product.

I’ve been using Oxera Rebuild Wood Repair products on and off for over a year now, so I’m familiar with them. In this blog, I’m going to take you through each product and give you my thoughts.


Oxera Easy Mix Stabiliser Review


This is an epoxy stabiliser used to treat unsound timber before you make a repair. I only use this every now and again, because Oxera fillers work without the primer. However, if you want to have that 10-year guarantee in place from Oxera, then you need to use the Oxera Stabiliser.


There isn’t too much to say about the Oxera Easy Mix Stabiliser. It comes in two parts, mix one with the other and you’re left with a runny liquid. Apply generous amounts to the affected timber, leave it a day, and the wood is rock solid. This not only creates the perfect surface on which to make your repair, but it also prevents any further rot to the area. Click here for more info.


Oxera Rebuild Resin 4-Hour Review


This is the main wood repair product in the Oxera range. They changed the formula last year to make it firmer and easier to use. It’s worth mentioning that this has a very big advantage over both the Timbabuild and Repair Care, in that it is available in a pot as well as a cartridge. The benefits of pots include not having to use expensive application guns, and I’d say they’re probably a bit easier to use too. Cartridges tend to clog up at the nozzle if you use part of a tube and then put them in storage for a few weeks. You don’t experience that issue with pots.

Oxera 4-Hour Pots in two parts; just add the hardener to the filler in a ratio of 3:1. Cartridges do this automatically when you use the Oxera Application Gun. Once the filler is on your board, mix it until the colour dissipates from the filler, and spread it over a thin layer on the board. Doing this gives you a longer working time.

Whether you use the post or gun and cartridge, you’ll find Oxera Rebuild Resin 4-hour very easy to use. It holds its shape, doesn’t sag, doesn’t slump, and acts as an adhesive for timber. Click here for more info.

Oxera fillers review

Oxera Rebuild Resin 1-Hour Review


This product is only available in cartridge form. Other than that, it does everything the 4-hour does, but is slightly runnier and takes less time to go off. This makes it ideal for quick repairs, small repairs, or as an aggressive timber adhesive. It’s a bit pongy though. Click here for info.


Oxera Multi-Purpose Glazing Sealant Review


This was a bit of a gamechanger for me. Up until trying it, I’d always used the old-fashioned linseed oil putties, which take ages to apply and up to 6 weeks before you can paint over. Oxera Multi-Purpose Sealant is very quick to apply, and you can paint over it after an hour!! It also adheres better than linseed oil putty. It can be a bit fiddly though.

I haven’t used the comparable products from Timbabuild or Repair Care, so I can’t compare it to those, but I can tell you I absolutely love the Oxera. I’ll never use linseed oil putty again. Click here for more info.


Brand Summary

Oxera Rebuild Wood Repair Review - Decorator's forum UK

Epoxy resin timber repair products designed for interior and exterior use.

Product Brand: Oxera

Editor's Rating:


  • Extremely good quality.
  • No sagging.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to shape.
  • Can be used as adhesive.
  • Flexes with the timber.
  • 10-year guarantee.
  • Very reasonably priced.
  • Can be painted over.


  • Not widely available (yet).

Final Thoughts and Current Offers


I’ve never used Tinbabuild, but I have used Repair Care in the past. Oxera is very similar if I’m honest, but the price point means this is the obvious choice for a lot of Decorators. It’s easy to use, great when shaping, and you get perfect results every time. As I’ve only been using it a little more than a year, I can’t wholeheartedly tell you I know it will last, but that 10-year guarantee gives me huge confidence.

They have some great offers right now too. The 4-hour posts are currently £25, so it isn’t much more expensive than the single polyester wood fillers. Oh, and their ‘Starter Kits’, which contain all the application tools, a cartridge of 4-hour, a cartridge of 1-hour, and a tube of Oxera Glazing Sealant is currently only £99. Prices include VAT and delivery too! Click here to see full range.

Updated Jun 17, 2024 | Posted May 16, 2023 | 2 comments

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About the Author

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  1. Phil

    Excellent review. What’s it like to sand? Some of those 2 part polyester fillers can be hard going if you’re in a corner and unable to get the Mirka in.

  2. Sally Lynch

    Hi MIke. Great review. Thanks. I’m looking to use Oxera for some restoration work to wood windows on a pair of semi detached houses in Birstall. WF17 9JP. Are you local to this area please?


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