Professional decorator Mike Gregory gives a full and honest review of Toupret Putty Mastic. a linseed oil product used for glazing and repairs.

Toupret Putty Mastic Review

By Mike Gregory


Putty Mastic is Toupret’s answer to linseed oil putty and fits into their range of fillers quite nicely. Like other linseed oil putties, you would normally use this product to glaze glass windows, or at the very least, repair around glazed glass. You should do your glazing or repair 6 – 8 days before painting over, so the product has chance to skin over. Toupret Putty Mastic can be used interior or exterior and can be painted over using acrylic or oil-based paint.


It’s worth noting that like any other linseed putty, you can’t use this product in contact with bare timber, or the timber will absorb all the oil over time and the putty will crack. I hope you find my Toupret Putty Mastic review useful.


Ease of Use Compared to Other Linseed oil Putties


Most linseed oil putties are an absolute pain to use. The oil seems to settle on top of the product in the tin and you get covered in the stuff when you pick some up. You also have to work it in your hands before applying just to worm it up, then pick any hard bits out. It can also be sticky and hard to get it off your hands which is annoying, especially if you’re up a ladder.


I can honestly say Toupret Putty Mastic is a completely different abimal. You get no separation between oil and product, it won’t stick to your hands and it is nice and smooth to use. I have tried many similar products over the years and believe me when I say this one is by far the easiest to use and even a novice could get amazing results with minimal swearing.


The Overall Effect


Brilliant. You can sculpt Toupret Putty Mastic so easily that as long as you use the right tools, you’ll have no problem making your glazing job look brilliant. It’s just such a smooth finish with no sagging at all. It’s a big step up from anything else on the market.


How Much is it and Where to Buy


Erm, Toupret Putty Mastic is very expensive at around £15 per litre. That puts it at three times the cost of any other linseed oil putty. You get what you pay for though, a premium product at a premium price. I get mine from either Dulux Decorating Centre or Screwfix.

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Toupret Putty Mastic Review – Linseed Oil Putty