Timbabuild vs Repair care

By Mike Sherring-Lucas

Over the last 2 days I have used Timbabuild’s EWS, EHB60 and finish as well as Repaircare’s Dry flex 4 and superflex Finish. I wanted to do a little comparison on the different products.

I won’t be doing a EWS comparison as I haven’t used the Repaircare equivalent.

This is a tricky one for me as I have been a Timbabuild man for a good few years now and am a trusted and approved Timbabuild contractor with case studies on their website. So here goes…

Guns and mixability

I find the Timbabuild gun is easier to use as it is just the one tube (two tubes in one configuration) to put into the gun. Repaircare’s is two separate tubes and I found, has the tendency to fall out if the gun gets laid upside down or applied at an angle. As for mixability (yes I made that word up) I felt that Repaircare has the slight upper hand here as the product physically changed colour when it’s mixed, where the Timbabuild doesn’t change as much. They both take the same sort of time to mix. The Timbabuild is easier to mix as it comes out as one feed where the Repaircare comes out separately from the 2 tubes.


I have both the Repaircare plastic spatulas and the Timbabuild ones and I can’t fault either. The Timbabuild ones are made of a slightly harder compound which helps reduce wear. I found both resins to be easy to apply over my spliced and routed wood with adequate working times.


I’m pretty sure both companies say not to sand back with an electric sander. But, who in this day and age has the time to do it by hand and to get the finish by hand too. I sanded both back with a Mirka Deros and Deos with 80grit pads, The Repaircare did get a little gummy where the Timbabuild didn’t.


I find the Timbabuild finish to be excellent. It is a very fine filler and easy to apply and sand back when cured. The Repaircare superflex is a good filler but has the same sort of feel as applying the Dry flex which threw me off a bit. I felt the Timbabuild was easier again to sand down. Once sanded down they both had similar finishes to them. The Timbabuild has a finish more of wood filler which I prefer. The Repaircare has a slightly more shiny finish to it.

Cost and availability

Timbabuild is by far the cheaper option. However it is not readily available from large stockist like Dulux where the Repaircare is. I know that Timbabuild is stocked in Leyland in London but for me that isn’t anywhere near me. I also know that it is stocked by a Decorating warehouse about 30 minutes from me too. But, again that was too far as I was in a town with a Dulux centre. For convenience, the Repaircare is fairly easy to get hold of from any Brewers or Dulux centre. Timbabuild is easy enough to order direct from Gedbra the manufacturer but you will need to know what you need up front. Timbabuild do have a next day delivery service available.

Overall thought

For me I will be sticking with Timbabuild as they have been great to me from day one. Brian Jones and Andrew Stewart are always available on the phone or email to give you any pointers you need. I am sure this is the case for Repaircare too, but I haven’t needed to get hold of them. If I am caught short on a job then it is nice to know that there is always the option for Repaircare.

As for which product to go for? It is down to the individual and the job I guess. If you are stuck on a job and can’t wait then go for Repaircare. If you can wait then go for Timbabuild. They are both brilliant products and both offer training courses across the UK.

I haven’t written this as a slagging match. This is written from my point of view and my opinion. I don’t represent anyone else’s views on this, it is purely my own.

I hope this helps someone in the future. There’s a market out there to be conquered and resin repairs are the way to do it.

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