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No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint Review

Updated Jul 20, 2022 | Posted Dec 1, 2021 | Paints, Product Review | 1 comment

I normally use Tikkurila optiva primer as a mist coat on bare plaster, but due to a shortage, I had to try something else.

Then I remembered someone on The Decorators Forum UK recommending this No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint. So, I thought I’d try it and give you a quick review.

No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint is basically a contract matt. It is designed for use on, you guessed it, bare plaster! It allows the plaster to breathe, meaning it is the ideal paint for newly plastered walls and ceilings. However, it isn’t very durable.

This paint is currently £26 for 10 litres, which is quite expensive for a contract matt. You do notice the difference in quality between this paint and a budget brand like Armstead contract matt.


No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint is touch dry after around an hour, and you can recoat a surface after 2-3 hours. However, you can apply two coats in quick succession when spraying.

You can pick it up from Screwfix for approximately £20 per bucket and it’s only available in white and magnolia.


My No Nonsense Trade Bare Plaster Paint Review


Well, I must say very impressed. You can heavily dilute the first coat and it still offers great opacity!! The second coat goes on well and looks solid, so no need for a third. Looks good too!! You can’t really ask for anything else from a contract matt. I would happily use No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint on more of my jobs as a professional decorator. In fact, I think I will. It’s just a shame it doesn’t come in any tinted colours.


No Nonsense Bare Plaster Paint Review – by Daniel James Wilson

1 Comment

  1. Jianni

    On a budget, can this be used as the top coat too? As in just 2/3 coats of this without any other paint on top.

    I have put a coat on for now on fresh plaster, but just wondering if it is okay to just put another 2 on and leave it at that?


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