Farrow and Ball Modern Emulsion Review

Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion Review

By Andy Scott


We have all heard the stories about Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion. Overpriced crap! Middle class status paint! The neighbours must see farrow & ball tins coming in when the painter arrives!!

I’ve used it a lot, and to be honest I haven’t had many issues. No more than I have with any other brands.

The modern Emulsion is Farrow & Ball’s equivalent to a durable matt. I found the opacity and coverage to be very good, even without using the recommended primer. However, I normally do use it as I feel you get a better depth of colour when you have completed the work.

The finish has a very slight sheen (not huge). Picture framing can be an issue, but if you cut and roll one wall at a time you can avoid this.

Modern Emulsion can flash, but I found if you finish each roller stroke from top to bottom it helps a lot.

Price wise it’s on the higher scale for emulsion. I am ok using it as a professional decorator because it isn’t me who pays for it. I don’t think Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion is worth the price tag though and if I was to choose a durable matt, I’d probably go for something else.

Colour range is excellent with some classic and contemporary choices.

I would have no issues using it in the future, just follow recommended instructions and you can’t go wrong. If you want more info go to their website

If you’re looking to buy Farrow and Ball online you may want to check out The Paintshed. It is the only place I have found where you actually get a discount. Just use discount code FORUM5 at the checkout.


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Farrow & Ball Modern Emulsion Review