Maston Paint Review and Guide

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Maston is an up and coming brand in the UK. They specialise in aerosols and have a wide variety of different products, which means they have paints to suit the DIY customer, as well as professional decorators.

To say Maston are at the forefront of aerosol spray technology would be an understatement. In this Maston paint review, I’m going to go through each of the products in turn and talk about them honestly. I hope you find it useful.


Maston 2K Primer


I thought it was only sensible we started with a primer. Maston produce the only multi-use 2K aerosol in the world, which means you can use some of the product one day, then save the rest for another.

It would be quicker to list the things this primer doesn’t adhere to, rather than the things it does. You can even use it directly onto rust. Being a 2K, this Maston spray paint is very durable, and stands up to corrosive toxins such as petrol and oil.

The spray is very fine and even. The bond it creates with the surface you apply it to is chemical, so there’s no shifting it. This is probably the best primer of its type on the market.

Available online.


Maston 2K


Maston 2K, is, as the name suggests, another multi-use 2K product. This paint is available online in gloss, semi-gloss and matt finishes, in a wide range of colours. It bonds to almost any surface you can think of, but if you have any doubt, you can apply the 2K primer as a base.

You need to use Maston 2K to get a sense of just how good it is. It is so easy to achieve a factory finish with this paint, and you can use it for anything from a car, to kitchen cupboards, and anything in between.

Maston 2K spray paint is perfect for exterior use due to its robust nature. You can use it on just about anything in your garden. Full review here.


Maston Anti Rust Primer


Maston anti rust primer is basically an oxide primer in an aerosol. It works by cutting off the oxygen supply to a surface, thus preventing rust. This is perfect for stop priming metal railings before painting them.

Other than being in a handy aerosol, there are a couple of things that sets this apart from other oxide primers. Firstly, you can paint over Maston anti rust primer after 15 minutes, which is unheard of really. Most oxide primers take 16 hours or more before they’re hard enough to paint over.

Moreover, Maston anti rust is thin, so it works itself into any corroded surface. Oh, one more thing, it comes in light grey, rather than the usual red which is associated with oxide primers. This makes it a lot easier to cover with other colours.

I’m very impressed with this product!! Available online


Maston Hammer


I love Maston Hammer!! It dispenses a very fine spray of material in a way that suits coating intricate metal objects, although you can also use it for larger areas. Available from The Range in various colours and finishes. Using Maston Hammer is the only way I’ve found to apply a “factory finish” to metal railings. Touch dry in 15 minutes, easy to apply and fantastic opacity!!


The only downside is; because it’s an aerosol, you may struggle to flood minor imperfections and crevices. This is only a slight irritation though, as Maston Hammer is an amazing product. So quick and easy to use! Full review here.


Maston Stone Effect


Maston stone effect is more of a fun product. The idea is simple, you spray it onto a surface, and it makes that surface look like it is made from expensive composite stone. You may need an adhesion primer if you wish to use this spray on problem surfaces. The durability of the finish is ok, but not great.

If you wish to use this product outside, you may need to give it a protective coat to keep it safe from the elements. Maston 2K Clear Coat would be best for this, but you will turn your painted surface from matt to gloss. You could always go for Polyvine Decorators Varnish if you don’t want to change the appearance.

As with any other Maston product I have used to date, it works perfectly. I don’t tend to use products like this as a painter and decorator, but I have used it around my own home. I love it! It’s very easy to use, unusual, fun and looks fantastic. It’s great on planters and garden ornaments.

Maston Paint Review and Guide – by Mike Cupit

Updated Apr 19, 2024 | Posted Sep 18, 2022 | 0 comments

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About the Author

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