Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt Review

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Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt is an emulsion used to coat interior walls and ceilings. Available online in a range of different tin sizes and colours. You can recoat after around 2 hours, which is rather impressive. You can use it as a mist coat on bare plaster and the spread rate is roughly 14 m2 per litre of paint (1 coat).

All Leyland products are manufactured by PPG, who also make Johnstone’s Paint.


Is Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt Emulsion any good?


This is a trade quality product, which means it should perform better than the retail paint options you might find at DIY shops like B&Q. However, Johnstone’s Trade is regarded as PPG’s premium brand and Leyland is the ‘cheaper alternative’.

That isn’t to say Leyland isn’t quality paint. I love a lot of Leyland products and use them regularly in my role as a professional decorator. I’ll talk about this paint in relation to its price. Yes, you could buy a better paint if you have a big budget, but how does Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt stack up against products in a similar price bracket.


The opacity of Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt is bob on. You can easily achieve a colour change in two coats. Even bare plaster covers in two coats. The flow of the paint is OK. No real complaints, but it does drag a little bit on the second coat.

I like the overall finish. The sheen level looks a little high for a matt emulsion, but there are no major issues with picture framing or roller marks. Avoid using it in rooms like hallways where you look across your walls, but it’s perfect for rooms like bedrooms and lounges etc.

Click here to see online prices.


Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt in White on a Ceiling


I thought I’d talk about this as a separate section, simply because choosing a good ceiling paint can be tricky, particularly for large ceilings in rooms with a lot of light. A lot of products fall short and you see defects like flashing and picture framing.

Not with Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt, which is quite impressive really. The opacity in white is lacking, so occasionally you need to apply an extra coat, but the finish is a proper crisp white, and there are no such defects. This is a great paint for ceilings.


Final Thoughts


A quick summery – Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt is a good quality product. BUT I still opt to pay a little bit more and buy Johnstone’s Covaplus instead. The difference in price is less than £2 per litre and the finish you achieve WILL be better.


You can buy either of these products from any Johnstone’s Decorating centre, but unless you’re eligible for a trade discount, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy them online. Plus, at some online stores, they can match any colour from a different brand into your chosen product.

Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt – Click here to see online prices.

Johnstone’s Covaplus – Click here to see online prices.


Best Tools to Apply Leyland Trade Vinyl Matt


Regardless of whether you go for Leyland Vinyl Matt or Covaplus, having the correct tools for the job will make all the difference. I like to use a long-pile roller for this type of material, simply because you can apply generous coats of paint without experiencing any defects such as orange peel.

Purdy colossus is my roller of choice for this type of paint. You will need to de-lint the roller before you start, but it holds a fantastic amount of paint, and it will make your work a lot easier. Click here to see online prices.

As for the brush: my preference is ProDec Ice Fusion. These are brilliant because of the way the bristles are tapered from bottom to tip. Striking straight lines in nice and easy when using them. Click here to see online prices.


Leyland Trade Contract Matt Review


I thought I’d throw a very quick Leyland Trade Contract Matt review onto this blog, as you may be considering it as an alternative. Leyland Trade Contract Matt is a lot cheaper than vinyl matt, and is very competitively priced as a contract matt compared to similar products.

Contract matt contains less polymer binder than other emulsion paints, which is probably why it’s cheaper. You might not want to use it to paint your walls because it isn’t very durable, but it’s fine on most ceilings.

This paint can drag a little bit and stain block will flash through the finish (but this is true of every contract matt). Leyland Trade Contract Matt has great opacity and will easily cover bare plaster in two coats. It’s also ideal when painting white on white and you only want to apply one coat as a ‘quick freshen up”.

This is a good contract matt. Pound for pound, one of the best you can get.

Click here to see online prices.

Updated Feb 27, 2024 | Posted Feb 28, 2023 | 4 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Cupit has been in the decorating industry since 2002 and has mostly worked as a Trade Decorator in the domestic sector (peoples’ homes). Self-proclaimed “product geek”, Mike has a passion for paint and decorating tools. Mike now spends most of his time testing paint products and tools, comparing them to similar products on the market, and blogging about the industry in general.


  1. Chris

    Leyland white emulsion , biggest load of ripp off crap I have ever used, five coats still not covered over light walls best if your on a budget save up ABIT more money and get a real paint and not this diarrhea they call “paint”my piss is stronger than this .

    • Gareth Richards

      I totally agree, I covered a very pale blue wall thinking I wouldn’t normally need a primer for this. I am four coats on and the colour is still coming through! It might be reasonable priced but in the long run I would have been better off going for a good quality paint, paying more initially but in the end it would have been cheaper and quicker! Ok for a base or mist coat but nothing more! Very disappointing, I expected better

    • Ferdi Kubler

      Where can I buy your paint, preferably in eggshell?

  2. Richard

    The Leyland durable matt is quite a good product covers in 2 nice and flat finish.

    The vinyl matt a bit chalky in my opinion ok budget jobs l suppose but at same time reasonable enough.

    Super leytex while it covers well touch up a problem. Not great new builds .

    Gloss and undercoat oil in colours pretty good , perhaps Johnstone possibly last better outside it’s not that much dearer.

    Contract Matt feels very cheap l wouldn’t use this ,far better quality with Amstead contract for few pounds more.

    Acrylic eggshell pretty good quality for the money covers well.


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