Leyland Super Leytex Review, Written by a Decorator

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Leyland Super Leytex is a contract matt emulsion manufactured by PPG and sold in Johnstone’s Decorating Centres, as well as many independent merchants. You can also buy it online by clicking here. Touch dry in 1 – 2 hours and the re-coat time is 3-4 hours.

You can have this product tinted to a colour online by clicking here and at certain other merchants, but Super Leytex is most commonly used in white or magnolia. This is my Leyland Super Leytex review and I really hope find it useful.


What is Leyland Super Leytex and When Would you Use it?


It is important to know what this paint is before you use it. It is a contact matt, meaning there is very little in the way of polymer binders in the paint. This makes it ideal for new plaster which hasn’t properly dried out, as the paint will remain breathable forever. For this reason, Super Leytex is popular on newbuilds.  People also use it when painting rental properties.


How Good is Leyland Super Leytex Paint?


There are a few drawbacks when using this paint. First of all, it isn’t exactly durable. You could wash this paint off the wall with a damp cloth! The finish isn’t the best either. The paint remains very porous, meaning if you apply a second coat via brush and roller, your paint will dry quickly and drag. This causes roller marks and picture framing. There is one other issue to talk about. It’s chalky finish means if you want to apply say a vinyl or durable matt further on your walls down the line, there could be an adhesion issue between your Leyland Super Leytex and the new product.

There are a few plus points though. As mentioned, it’s great on new plaster. Opacity is awesome and it sprays brilliantly. I mean brilliantly too!! The finish when sprayed is to die for.

In conclusion, the paint is ok, but you wouldn’t want to use it in your own house. It’s just very cheap and great for house bashing, but that’s it. But it isn’t designed to be ‘the best’. It’s designed to have good opacity (which it really does), look good, and be budget friendly. If I was to review Super Laytex based on the performance of the vinyl and durable matt emulsion paints I use, then it isn’t very good. However, compared to other contract matt paints, this is a fairly good product. It’s very popular with other Decorators.


Review Summary

Leyland Super Leytex Review, Written by a Decorator - Decorator's forum UK

A contract matt emulsion used to paint interior walls and ceilings. This paint is suitable for new plaster, ceilings, or a ‘quick freshen up’.

Product Brand: Leyland Trade

Editor's Rating:


  • Cheap.
  • Breathable.
  • Available in tinted colours.
  • Great opacity.
  • Readily available.
  • Awesome when sprayed.


  • Not very durable.
  • Can drag on application.
  • Flashing can be visible in light critical areas.

Best Tools to Apply Leyland Super Leytex


I know spraying isn’t always an option, so I thought I’d include a section on the best brush and roller to use when applying Leyland Super Leytex. It is, after all, a contract matt, so having the correct tools for the job will make your life a lot easier. You’ll also achieve a better finish. You should aim to apply generous coats of paint to avoid dragging and flashing. To that end, you need a long pile roller and a good quality emulsion brush.

With that in mind, the Purdy Colossus is probably the best paint roller you can use to apply Leyland Super Leytex. It has a thick, dense nap which is perfect. It holds loads of paint and distributes it well. Available online here.

Any good stiff(ish) paintbrush will be fine. I like the Purdy Monarch Elite XL, which is available online here. Oldfields is also a good shout. If you use a soft brush, then the paint is likely to drag and you’ll see brush marks.




Is Leyland a good brand?

Leyland manufacture two ranges of paint; one for trade and one for retail. If the label just says “Leyland”, then it’s retail paint and is poor quality. If the label says, “Leyland Trade”, then it’s trade, and is much better quality.


Is Leyland Super Latex paint Breathable?

Yes! One of the benefits of using a cheap contract matt is it allows moisture from plaster to escape. This is because there is little polymer binder in the paint. However, it’s not suitable for lime plaster.


Are Johnstone’s and Leyland the same company?

Both brands are owned by PPG and are manufactured at the same factory in Yorkshire.


Is Leyland paint better than Johnstone’s?

Johnstone’s Trade is PPG’s premium brand and Leyland Trade is PPG’s value brand. Both great ranges of quality paint, but Johnstone’s is better quality.

Final Thoughts


There is always going to be a market for Leyland Super Leytex. This is mostly down to the price and opacity more than anything else. A building contractor may use this paint when carrying out a full renovation because it’s cheap and will cover in 2 coats.

As a decorator, I tend to steer clear of cheap contract matt emulsions, especially something as porous as this one. You can pick this product up from any Johnstone’s Decorating Centre. However, unless you qualify for a trade discount, it is normally cheaper to buy Super Laytex online. click here to see online prices.

Updated May 28, 2024 | Posted Jan 16, 2021 | 9 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. richard

    Touching up after screws pop and other trades mark your work is a little difficult with this product, whole ceilings can need redone, useally for free… although it covers well.
    I find the Macpherson Eclipse is the best of the cheaper brands for contract new plaster work, no flashing, covers great and dries very flat.

    • Jo

      Do I need to add part water to this paint on order to cover newly plastered ceiling (plastered 3 weeks ago)

      • Mike Cupit

        You might want to add a bit for ease of use. Also to help seal the paster on your first coat

        • Susan Flanagan

          Thanks Mike for your excellent honest review – I wish I’d read it before I used it.

    • Charlotte Mellerick

      I’ve used 3 coats of this on my ceiling and it is so patchy no matter how methodical I am. Am I best just to buy a different brand and start again? Do I need to sand it back first?

        • Susan Flanagan

          Same happened to me, it’s been a nightmare. Three coats and it was still very patchy and bumpy so I sanded the whole ceiling (I looked like a snowman with all the chalky paint floating EVERYWHERE). Now we have been advised to cover it with a vinyl but as I’ve read above by Mike, it’s not sticking! WILL NEVER USE THIS STUFF AGAIN!!!

    • Chloe Hughes-Jones

      Hey, great information!

      I have recently moved into a new house that is painted with this throughout! I can confirm it does wash of walls with the slightest clean when scuffed etc.

      Looking to touch up all paint work only after a few months of living at the property. Is it worth me trying to use another paint on top? It would be the same colour (white). Unfortunately this has been used on all walls and woodwork at the property and isn’t durable at all in high traffic areas, especially with kids and dogs.

      Any help or information would be appreciated.

      Thanks again for a great and honest review.

  2. Matthew Daer

    Mike I did a whole house with 3 coats of this a good few years ago and I can confirm when washing the walls the paint comes off a lot. It needs a repaint now and will keep same colour.. is there any point to repaint with a better quality paint or is that pointless as your top coat is only as good as what is below it?


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