HB42 PS2 Primer Review – by Mike Gregory

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As a Decorator, I’ve been using the HB42 PS2 Primer on a couple of recent jobs, so I thought I’d sit down and write a quick review on it.

HB42 PS2 is an adhesion primer, capable of being used inside or outside. Only available in white, touch dry in 30 minutes, and recoat in roughly an hour (depending on conditions). You can use this primer on lime plaster, all wood (including cedar & redwood), brick, concrete, steel, oil-based gloss paint, glass, tar, bitumen, asphalt & more.

It also has some stain blocking capabilities, contains rust inhibitors and has anti-mould biocide. This makes HB42 PS2 a very versatile product.


My HB42 PS2 Primer Review


HB42 products tend to be good quality, but not necessarily the cheapest. Their caulk was recently voted the best on the market, and their PS1 Primer, which is shellac-based, has superior opacity and is easier to use than comparable products.

Their PS2 Primer is a water-based adhesion primer and seems to have gone under the radar a little bit. You can buy it from TopDec Decorating Supplies, or direct by clicking here. Over the past year, the market seems to have been flooded with adhesion primers, which might be why this one hasn’t had the impact it deserves.


Ease of application is brilliant, which may sound like an open goal, but water-based paints with a recoat time of 1 hour tend to put up a fight. It can be difficult to keep a wet edge, but this isn’t the case with PS2.

The other thing that stands out is the opacity, which is fantastic!! You can basically achieve a colour change in 1 coat! You’d never be able to do that with an oil-based primer.

Adhesion is spot on too. HB42 PS2 is a very versatile primer. You can use it on basically anything, from old oil-based paint (which makes it the perfect undercoat when using water-based gloss or satinwood), to metal, and just about everything in between.

There are better stain blocks on the market. Not that PS2 isn’t capable. You might just need to apply two coats to really block something out (this is true of most water-based stain blocks).


Final Thoughts


All being said, HB42 PS2 Primer is a great paint product. It isn’t even expensive; a 5L tin will set you back around £80, which is comparable to Zinsser bullseye. It’s a shame more Decorators aren’t using it.

HB42 PS2 Primer Review – by Mike Gregory

Posted Dec 29, 2023 | 0 comments

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