Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review

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Fenwick and Tilbrook are a designer paint brand I’ve never come into contact with until recently. They actually do three different types of interior emulsion.

Pure Matt – This is a fairly durable, but dead flat finish with only 2% sheen. This low sheen level means the finish you’re left with is rich and luxurious. It eliminates the issue of roller marks and picture-framing. I guess it is a bit similar to Tikkurila Anti-Reflex, or Teknos Teknoceiling, but rather than being a specialist ceiling paint, Fenwick and Tilbrook Pure Matt is a luxury emulsion suited for walls, as well as ceilings.

Pure Matt Plus – This is Fenwick and Tilbrook’s version of a durable matt emulsion. The sheen level is closer to 3%, making it extremely flat for a product of this type. Again, this really cuts down on Flashing and picture-framing to leave an awesome finish. Opacity and ease of use are spot on, making this emulsion a joy to use.

Interior eggshell – This is a fully water-based, very tough finish designed for use as an emulsion on walls, or a trim paint on woodwork. You can use this on kitchen units when completing a hand painted kitchen. Depth of colour is fantastic, as is overall finish. You will need an adhesion primer if you’re applying it to a difficult surface.


Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review


Well, I used these emulsions for the first time this week. Only in light colours, but all three products in different shades. It was good! The products needed a bit of thinning, but they went on easily enough and the finish was spot on.


Afterwards the customer was interested in what I thought about the emulsion. I explained that it was better than a lot of the trade paints I was used to using and a lot better than some of the other designer paints in the same price bracket.

I would definitely use this paint again. I know it’s expensive, but if your budget allows, sometimes its good to splash out and buy something a bit special. There are so many designer paints out there who’s products are lacking in quality, but people still pay for it because of the name (Farrow and Ball springs to mind). I feel like Fenwick and Tilbrook go under the radar, but, for me, it stands out as the best emulsion money can buy.

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Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review - Decorator's forum UK

Fenwick and Tilbrook is a designer paint brand. Their range of emulsion paints are designed for use on internal ceilings and walls.

Product Brand: Fenwick and Tilbrook

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use.
  • Looks great.
  • Fantastic opacity.
  • Shows no visible defects.


  • Very expansive.
  • Not widely available.

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Updated May 3, 2024 | Posted Apr 8, 2019 | 1 comment

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