Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review

By Richard Ryan

Fenwick and Tilbrook are a designer paint brand I’ve never come into contact with until recently. They actually do three different types of interior emulsion.


Pure Matt – This is a fairly durable, but dead flat finish with only 2% sheen. This low sheen level means the finish you’re left with is rich and luxurious. It eliminates the issue of roller marks and picture-framing.


Pure Matt Plus – This is Fenwick and Tilbrook’s version of a durable matt emulsion. The sheen level is closer to 3%, making it extremely flat for a product of this type. Again, this really cuts down on Flashing and picture-framing to leave an awesome finish.


Interior eggshell – This is a fully water-based, very tough finish designed for use as an emulsion on walls, or a trim paint on woodwork. You can use this on kitchen units when completing a hand painted kitchen.


My Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review


Well, I used these emulsions for the first time this week. Only in light colours, but all three products in different shades. It was good! The products needed a bit of thinning, but they went on easily enough and the finish was spot on

Afterwards the customer was interested in what I thought about the emulsion. I explained that it was better than a lot of the trade paints I was used to using and a lot better than some of the other designer paints in the same price bracket.


I would definitely use this paint again. I know it’s expensive, but if your budget allows, sometimes its good to splash out and buy something a bit special.


Fenwick and Tilbrook Emulsion Review. For more information click here

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