Dulux Trade Satinwood Review

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Available online by clicking here, Dulux Trade Oil-Based Satinwood can be tinted to most Dulux Trade colours, but is mostly used in Brilliant White. It has a 16 hour recoat time, can be diluted with white spirit and is described as “self-undercoating”. Self-undercoating just means you can apply it directly to previously painted surfaces without the need for a second product. Bare timber should be primed with acrylic primer, sanded down, then undercoated before you go anywhere near it with the satin.


My Dulux Trade Satinwood Review


After applying the product, you may notice the sheen level is higher than you’d expect from a traditional satinwood. However, it does dull down over the course of a few weeks to leave a rich dull finish with a sheen level of roughly 30%. Once fully cured, the paint is very durable and although it will yellow over time, it does stay white for several years before discolouring. You can’t fault the finish at all, it really does look good.

The VOC content is quite low for an oil-based product, which should keep the tree huggers happy. It does seem to separate and skin over if part of a tin is unused and left for a period. You seem to get a watery liquid on top of the paint, which other trade oil-based satinwoods don’t do. I’m sure this is connected in some way to the VOC content, but I’m only guessing. It isn’t really a massive issue; all I do now is buy it in 2.5L tins rather than the bigger 5L. If I have to leave part of a tin for any length of time I either turn the tin upside-down in storage or give it a quick mix up when I crack it open again.

The ease of use is fine. In fact, it flows quite nicely off the brush or roller and achieving a good finish is effortless. Opacity isn’t the best, but you can still easily get away with 2 coats over very discoloured woodwork.

I like it and have no problem using it as a professional decorator. In fact, I have it in my own home.



Dulux Trade Satinwood Review - Decorator's forum UK

An oil-based satinwood used to paint interior woodwork such as doors, skirting board, and other trim.

Product Brand: Dulux Trade

Editor's Rating:


  • Easy to use.
  • Good opacity.
  • Durable.
  • Calms down and leaves a lovely finishing.
  • Possibly the best trade satinwood available.


  • Can separate in the tin.
  • Dark colours seem to take an age to dry.

Best Tools to Apply Dulux Trade Satinwood


Regardless of whether you’re using Dulux Trade oil-based, or Diamond Satinwood, having the correct tools will make all the difference. It’s advantageous to use a mini roller for the larger flat areas, then lay off with a brush. Your brush needs to have a backbone so it keeps its shape, but soft enough to ‘lay off’ and achieve a nice finish.

The best roller for this type of paint in my opinion is Two Fussy Blokes. They hold loads of paint, spread it evenly, leave no orange peel and don’t shed. You’ll always achieve a good finish on your woodwork with these rollers. Available online here.

As for the brush, you can’t go far wrong with the Purdy Monarch Elite XL for satinwood. It has a nice thick stock, is soft enough to ‘lay-off’ and is easy to handle. Available online here.


Where to Buy


You can buy either of these products from any Dulux Decorating Centre, or about a million independent merchants. Dulux Trade Satinwood widespread, but unless you’re entitled to a trade discount, it’s almost always cheaper to buy this product online. Click here to see the latest prices.


A Water-Based Alternative


I could write a Dulux Trade Satinwood review without touching on its water-based counterpart. Dulux Diamond Satinwood is a fully water-based system (not a hybrid), which you can use straight on top of woodwork which was previously coated in an oil-based paint, however it is advised you use a coat of Dulux Trade QD undercoat for adhesion.

Recoat time is 14 – 16 hours which is rubbish for a water-based paint, but you will find it a lot quicker and easier to apply than the oil-based satinwood. Opacity is good for water-based and you often get away with 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of satinwood on previously painted surfaces. Because it’s a fully water-based system it will never yellow or discolour, meaning your paintwork will look mint for years. The finish of this gear is absolutely bang on! Great depth, very few problems with brush marks and a lovely low sheen.

One thing you need to watch are the ninja runs!! If you paint a door with it, keep going back to check until it’s dry. Runs seem to come from nowhere and they’re a pain to try and sand out once the paint has cured. Another tip is to keep your brush wet. Have a bucket of water handy and give your brush a swill out every now and again. Dulux Diamond is a good satinwood, but there are better products out there. Click here to see online prices.


What do Other Decorators Think?

I love this stuff. (I’m still not convinced about all these water-based version) . Dulux Trade is very much my “go to” satinwood. I use it on every job.

Steve Marley

Professional Decorator

I’ve been using Dulux Trade Satinwood for over 30 years and never had a problem with it as long as you give everything two coats👍

Dulux trade oil-based satinwood for interior woodwork

Bill Lowes

Professional Decorator

The only Dulux product I still use, good coverage, stays white, and reasonably priced, unlike the rest of the Dulux products 👍

Steven Full

Professional Decorator

This is probably my favourite oil-based satinwood on the market. It takes a few weeks to dull down after you’ve applied it, but the overall finish is amazing. Opacity is ok, ease of use brilliant. It does skin over, so I tend to only buy 2.5L at a time

The Dulux Diamond Satinwood is ok too. Don’t get me wrong, there are easier products on the market to apply and the ninja runs do my head it!! But I’ve tested the finish against other water-based satins and this is by far the whitest.

Lee Thornton

Professional Decorator

Dulux Trade Satinwood is good stuff and still popular. It has more sheen now than it had a couple of years ago. I know people seem to be switching over to water-based, but for me nothing comes close to oil.

Tony Hart

Professional Decorator

Dulux oil-based satinwood is great paint!!

Bench painted using dulux trade oil-based satinwood

Mark Hicks

Professional Decorator

Dulux Satinwood is good stuff! This product did have its problems a couple of years ago when the water content was separating whilst standing, but Dulux appeared to have fixed this problem 👍🏻

Mark Smit

Professional Decorator

Using it at the moment and I don’t like it. It doesn’t cover well at all I’m having to hit woodwork twice ,maybe three times. I wouldn’t buy it or use it if I had the choice. I didn’t supply the paint for this one.

Jon Feeney

Professional Decorator

Well looks like 99 percent positive feedback mike

Christopher Ashby

Professional Decorator

Dulux Trade oil-based satinwood is brilliant stuff. I haven’t used oil in years but if i was to go back this would be my first choice

Richard Murphy

Professional Decorator

Yes it’s one of the best out there, self-undercoating, looks great and covers in two coats.

Andrew Timothy Barnes

Professional Decorator

I love it. I mostly use Johnstone’s products now to be honest, but I’d choose Dulux over Johnstone’s for oil-based satinwood. The finish after everything has dulled down looks subline and very contemporary. Plus, the most important reason I love this over Johnstone’s, it seems to stay white for a lot longer. You can get a few years out of it. I haven’t tried the Diamond satinwood but I will next time I’m asked to paint with a water-based.

Mark Farrington

Professional Decorator

Use it all the time covers brilliant stays white longer than the gloss.

Stephen Sheppard

Professional Decorator

I prefer using Dulux satinwood over any other brands. Not because of the way it looks when you apply it, but how well it ages. It cures to almost a matt finish which I really like

Mike Murphy

Professional Decorator

I prefer the Diamond Satinwood over the oil-based, but then I avoid anything oil anyway. I know it generally takes an extra coat of paint, but it absolutely flies on with a 3” purdy. Runs are a pain, but all you need to do is check over your work 10 minutes after you’ve finished and knock them out with a dry brush.

The overall finish is brilliant and it’s just as durable as any oil-based paint. Plus it will never yellow. I don’t understand why more decorators don’t think the same as me when it comes to oil V water. Diamond satinwood is the future!!

Simon Wilson

Professional Decorator


Great when it first came out, I used to try and talk my customers into having it as it used to stay whiter longer, unfortunately nowadays you’re lucky if you get 6 months before it starts going yellow

Michael Sweeney

Professional Decorator

I think it’s one of the best out there if you give it the correct amount of coats. You will always get a a good finish

Dave Fegan

Professional Decorator

Dulux Trade satinwood is great gear, downside is it’s very shiny and clients have said to me are you sure it’s not gloss lol. But it takes about ten days for it to dull down to a more eggshell finish, also the big cans once opened and left in van will form a layer of water on top for some unknown reason

Christopher Ashby

Professional Decorator

Dulux oil-based satinwood is fine, but so are any trade satinwoods nowadays. It goes on, looks good ang ages well. There isn’t really anything else you can ask for. I use it a lot on my jobs

Tom Fletcher

Professional Decorator

Dulux is probably my favorite satinwood for a couple of reasons. The finish is brilliant and it ages well. I’ve been back to jobs 6 or 7 years after I’ve finished them and it still looks good. It’s just a shame the opacity isn’t as good as the Crown. Other than that, it’s bang on

Tom Frank

Professional Decorator

Updated Jul 17, 2024 | Posted Feb 22, 2020 | 5 comments

About the Author

About the Author

Mike Gregory is a Professional Painter and Decorator who works in the Northwest of England. He mainly sub-contracts for large decorating firms and works on a wide variety of projects.
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  1. Julie

    I love the Dulux oil based satinwood. Easy to apply. 12hrs dry time but can be less. Always keeps it whiteness. I have applied 2 coats around architraves and skirting boards and gives a brill long lasting finish.

  2. Rosaleen Brennan

    Hi does this satinwood brilliant white tend to drip as while painting?

  3. Steven McFarlane

    I am a big fan of all the Dulux oil finishes. Mostly satinwood my customers go for and I have no issues whatsoever. It’s on the woodwork in my own house and that says it all. As for the water based alternative I love it. Use it a lot. I ve been back to jobs I ve used it on. My god it’s really white, tough hard finish and feels “ proper “ unlike some earlier water based paints that felt like emulsion lol. Great products

  4. OJ

    What primer should I use for this Satinwood? Dulux Trade Wood Primer OR Dulux Trade Quick Dry Wood Primer & Undercoat Paint? I plan on painting on MDF skirting boards + architraves, as well as pine door frames.

  5. Jack Wardley

    I found that Albany oil satin was very good still white on the tin after being the garage for 5 or years no uv the rest of my oil satin have yellowed being in there around same time


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