Dulux Diamond Satinwood Review

By Joe Elwick (Joe-Pro-Décor)


My name is Joe Elwick, and I am the owner of a small Painting & Decorating business based in Greater Manchester. I offer a reliable, efficient & professional service in all aspects of painting & decorating. I was kindly asked by Akzonobel (Dulux) to try out their recently released Dulux diamond satinwood in a real world situation and provide my honest opinion on their product. Of course I was happy to do so as a regular customer. I have in fact used this product on quite a few occasions and feel I can give a more accurate insight into the product.


Key benefits/claims:-

Tough, durable, non yellowing/suitable for high traffic areas/stain and grease resistant/advanced water based technology/quick drying times/low odour

Typical uses:-

Interior use on wood and metal

Recommended drying time:- 6 hours


First impressions:-

On opening the tin, the colour was a vibrant brilliant white as expected and as I began to stir the paint I realised that the consistency was quite thick and gloopy but knew this could be due to the cold temperature it was stored in for days. Like most water based trim paints, it would need a little thinning to get the best results. With this in mind I decided I was going to first try it without thinning so I could fully understand the product and adjust accordingly after first use.



I applied the product over existing white oil based gloss woodwork that had yellowed over time. I sanded back the woodwork using a combination of my Mirka deros and sanding pads, making sure that the glossy surface matted out and at the same time, exposing the whiter undercoat underneath…this is the same method I use on all water based trim paints over old oil based.

After damping down the surface I proceeded to apply the satinwood and straight away it felt thick , gloopy and generally quite difficult to apply with complete satisfaction. It was drying very quickly and pulling before I had chance to properly spread the product to the desired thickness using my Proform blaze angled brush. I persevered and managed to apply my first coat. After about 5 minutes when going back to check my work, I realised that there was a couple of sags, which I presumed was due to the thickness…but one positive that did stand out was the how solid it was on drying…noticeably better than a lot of the products I had already tried…and it was touch dry in 30 minutes.


Making sure the product is stored in a warmer environment/thin the product with clean water or conditioner by 5% which is the maximum it recommends on the data sheet


After the above adjustments…. The product was noticeably thinner in consistency. Application was easier, smoother and I was given more open time to allow the product to flow better. I find longer strokes are both achievable and beneficial as long as it is the correct consistency, making sure the product is not over worked. The product was touch dry in around 30 minutes and I recoated after 4 hours, even though it recommends 6. I can only presume that by recoating it earlier than recommended will just increase the overall curing time.

The sheen level for a satin is average imo.. It is difficult to compare to other products without applying side by side in the same environment.

After curing , this product is one of the toughest water based finishes I have used so far, if not theee best!! In fact it was rock solid after 24 hours and passed a scratch test with flying colours as you can see for yourself if you click on the link provided!!!


Overall, I am very happy with this product when compared to similar products on the market. I would say it is one of the better performing products available over the counter for sure and is currently my go to water based satinwood. I would definitely recommend this product as an alternative to an oil based satinwood. It’s perfect if your client requires a hard wearing satin finish that will not yellow, low odour, low VOC, dries quickly and allows more than one coat in a day.


Dulux Diamond Satinwood review – You can buy this product from any Dulux Decorating Center and many other stockists. You can also buy it online at the Paint Shed


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