Dulux Trade High Gloss Review - an oil-based glossy product to be used inside

Dulux Trade Gloss Review

By Mike Gregory


Gloss is a product which seems to be used less and less nowadays, however it can still look brilliant in the right place, be it in a colour or brilliant ‘in your face’ white. I thought I’d do a Dulux Trade gloss review for you, but I’m also going to mention a couple of other gloss products from Dulux which may be of interest.

Dulux Trade gloss, otherwise known as “high gloss” is sold nationwide from many outlets. If you are entitled to trade discount, you’re probably better going direct and shopping at Dulux Decorating Centre. If you’re not eligible to a trade discount it will be cheaper to buy your paint online from The Paintshed. If you’re in any doubt about where to buy trade paint CLICK HERE.



Dulux Trade oil-based gloss


This is the main product on the list. Dulux Trade oil-based gloss leaves a very bright glossy finish which can stay white for years. The most popular colour being “brilliant white”, however you can get in tinted into any from Dulux’s vast range. You should always use the proper system, so bare timber should be primed using Dulux Trade acrylic primer, followed by at least one coat of Dulux Trade undercoat, then your gloss. Previously painted surfaces should have a full coat of undercoat, followed by a coat of gloss. This is for adhesion, longevity, and durability more than anything.


Dulux Trade undercoat is a fantastic product. Touch dry in an hour or so, recoat in 16 (over night usually). The gloss takes longer to dry and with any gloss, dust in your paint will show. With that in mind, after you’re finished painting a room you should leave everything to dry before moving furniture back. There is another, more important reason for doing this which I’ll get to later.



What is Dulux Trade Gloss like to work with?


Well the undercoat and primer are great. The gloss is a bit sticky and can drag. This just means you need to take a little bit of extra time when doing your painting. You can always loosen your gloss by adding some white spirit if it’s putting up a fight. The opacity is bang on so you can thin it without issue. Oh, if you use a synthetic brush you may have to give in a wash out every couple of hours to stop it clogging. These are only minor irritations. If you apply your gloss with a foam roller, you’ll find it lovely to work with.


There is another little frustration to tell you about, Dulux Trade gloss can “creep”. So say you do your walls, then cut a lovely straight line down a doorframe with your Dulux Trade gloss. Some gloss may ‘creep’ a few millimeters from your doorframe onto your wall. This means your lovely straight line is no longer lovely and straight. You will need to then touch your emulsion up again.


That Glossy Finish


So I’ve talked you through the irritations of applying the Dulux Trade gloss, but what is the finish like? Well I can tell you now that it is phenomenal!! The “brilliant white” is as white and as brilliant as anything is ever going to be. The finish in colours is like glass!! It really is stunning. Dulux Trade gloss stands sharp and proud like any gloss should do. If you want a gloss finish, then this is as good as you’re ever going to get from an internal product. Honestly, I can’t stress enough just how nice a finish you can achieve with gear. Dulux Trade gloss looks as good, or better than any other interior gloss on the market.



How Long does Dulux Trade Gloss Take to Discolour?


Bit of a mad subject this. All oil-based gloss will discolour over time due to restrictions on VOC’s. The best you can hope for is to get a few good years out of it before the oil in the gloss begins to bleed through. If conditions are right, you will not notice the problem of discoloration with Dulux Trade gloss.


The first thing you need to do is leave furniture in the middle of the room until the gloss is properly dry. Your newly painted white gloss work will look like magnolia withing 6 months if it is deprived of natural light while it is drying. The other thing is avoid using gloss of any brand in rooms with very little natural light such as some hallways, as natural light will prevent the oil in the gloss from bleeding through.


You need to be conscious of the issue with gloss discoloring with any brand, but as long as you are and you use a quality, you will not have any issues and your gloss will look brand new for years.



Dulux Trade Quick Dry Gloss


Dulux Trade Quick Dry, or QD gloss is Dulux’s version of a water-based gloss. I thought I’d write a few sentences about it because if you’re looking for a gloss you may consider it. They also do a QD and diamond satinwood which may be worth a look. The Diamond Satinwood may be worth a look because it’s awesome stuff.


Anyway, back to the Dulux QD gloss, it’s awful stuff, stay well away. I can see why you’d consider it because it essentially eliminates the issue of “yellowing” in low light conditions, but opacity, finish, durability and sheen level are all lacking.



Dulux Once


Dulux Once gloss is a retail product so I’m only going to give it a very quick mention. I think its probably the best 1-coat gloss on the market. It does yellow so it isn’t going to look fresh for years like the Dulux Trade oil-based gloss does, but the finish is bang on. Decorators love this product for bashing out rentals.

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Dulux Trade Gloss Review