Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review

Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review
By Adam Featherstone


First off, thanks to Crown for asking me to review their products, this time it is a PX3 and PX4 primer review

I’ve had the opportunity to use them a couple times, and every time I think “no, this won’t work directly on to this surface”, it always surprises me at how well it actually grips!!

First run out was on water-based polythene varnish that’s had 8 years to cure. I only gave the skirting boards a rub down with 150 grit sponge denibber, half the room I applied the water-based version (PX4) and the other half in the solvent based version (PX3).

The first comment I have is I know this is a grip/bridging primer, so it’s not a high opacity primer. I did think the solvent based would have more opacity than it does, but I’ve been water based for about 5 to 6 years, so maybe I’m remembering solvent-based paints from back in the good old days.

I left the surface an hour and gave it a light scratch test with my thumb nail and it didn’t budge. I gave it proper scratch test the next day, and even using the sharks fin on my knife it didn’t budge at all!

The next outing was on a bathroom where the old guy had used Dulux trade oil based eggshell on wallpaper in 1976!! The wallpaper was blown vinyl so couldn’t give it a good sand, I did a test patch with PX4 and it gripped perfectly this video is after 20 minutes, straight on without denibbing the surface.

This is in my opinion a very impressive grip primer, I’ve got some melamine kitchen cabinet doors to spray and it’s definitely going to my primer for that job, I do try to stick to water based so haven’t given the solvent version a run out yet but I’m more than happy to say I’d definitely trust it do it exactly what it says on the tin.


Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review – for more information click here

You can pick this paint up from any Crown Decorating Centre, or from Paintshed using discount code FORUM5 at the checkout.

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