Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review

Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review
By Adam Featherstone


First off, thanks to Crown for asking me to review their products, this time it is a PX3 and PX4 primer review

I’ve had the opportunity to use them a couple times, and every time I think “no, this won’t work directly on to this surface”, it always surprises me at how well it actually grips!!

First run out was on water-based polythene varnish that’s had 8 years to cure. I only gave the skirting boards a rub down with 150 grit sponge denibber, half the room I applied the water-based version (PX4) and the other half in the solvent based version (PX3).

The first comment I have is I know this is a grip/bridging primer, so it’s not a high opacity primer. I did think the solvent based would have more opacity than it does, but I’ve been water based for about 5 to 6 years, so maybe I’m remembering solvent-based paints from back in the good old days.

I left the surface an hour and gave it a light scratch test with my thumb nail and it didn’t budge. I gave it proper scratch test the next day, and even using the sharks fin on my knife it didn’t budge at all!

The next outing was on a bathroom where the old guy had used Dulux trade oil based eggshell on wallpaper in 1976!! The wallpaper was blown vinyl so couldn’t give it a good sand, I did a test patch with PX4 and it gripped perfectly this video is after 20 minutes, straight on without denibbing the surface.

This is in my opinion a very impressive grip primer, I’ve got some melamine kitchen cabinet doors to spray and it’s definitely going to my primer for that job, I do try to stick to water based so haven’t given the solvent version a run out yet but I’m more than happy to say I’d definitely trust it do it exactly what it says on the tin.


Crown PX3 & PX4 Primer Review – for more information click here

You can pick this paint up from any Crown Decorating Centre, or from Paintshed.


I will be using both of these products again moving forward and I’d recommend them to anyone. They grip well, readily available from Crown Decorating Centre, reasonably priced and very easy to use. They’re designed to solve a problem, grip, and they do it well!!

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