Dulux Trade Eggshell Review (Oil-Based)

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Dulux Trade eggshell is an oil-based product which is “self-undercoating” on previously painted surfaces. However, you will need an appropriate primer for unpainted surfaces and an undercoat if you are going for a colour change.

Touch dry in roughly 6 hours, but wait at least 16 hours before applying a second coat. You can get this product in white or tinted into any colour from the extensive Dulux range. Click here to see online prices.


How does Dulux Trade Eggshell Perform?


The ease of use of this paint is fantastic. You can apply it via brush or roller and it’s very easy to achieve a good finish. Opacity is a bit of an issue, and sometimes you need to apply an extra coat to achieve a solid colour. Drying time is extended with tinted colours and sometimes you need to wait a full 24 hours before re-coating. Clean up with white spirit.


The Overall Finish


The finish left when using Dulux Eggshell is fantastic. White really is an “in your face white” which is exactly what you want. The tinted colours are equally impressive.


How Well Does Dulux Eggshell Age?


The sheen level of this product is way too high when you first apply it, but it does flatten off over the weeks which follow, coming down to between 10 and 20% sheen (half that of satinwood) Another thing to note is the paint isn’t very durable until it’s had time to cure properly (a week or so after you’ve finished painting).

One of the biggest problems with oil-based paints in general is the discolouration (yellowing) over time. Dulux eggshell seems to last a lot longer than it’s competitors. In fact, eggshell is often chosen over gloss as it retains it’s colour for longer.


Would I Recommend the Product?


Dulux Trade eggshell is a great product, except the opacity issue in white. You should easily be able to cover yellowed paint with two coats of any oil-based product in white, but that isn’t always possible with this paint. It’s a shame really. I do still use it on certain jobs and I like the end result. I’d probably go 7/10 if I had to score it.


Where to Buy Dulux Trade Eggshell


Dulux Trade eggshell is available at many trade counters across Britain. I think it’s even available in B&Q, so you shouldn’t have any problems getting your hands on a tin. The most obvious place to go would be Dulux Decorating Centre. However, unless you qualify for a trade discount with favourable rates, it will almost certainly be cheaper to buy this product online. Click here to see online prices.


Dulux Diamond Eggshell


This is the water-based alternative. The paint itself is quite good. You will need an adhesion primer if going over a surface previously painted with oil-based. The Diamond eggshell has a great finish, it’s nice and easy to apply and you get all the other benefits of water-based. Durability is good for a water-based paint and you can also used it as an emulsion (although it is an expensive emulsion). Click here to see online prices.

Dulux Trade Eggshell Review (oil-based) – by Mike Gregory

What do Other Decorators Think?

I completely agree with the majority of this. The opacity problem is easy to solve. All you need to do is give everything a coat of Dulux Trade undercoat, followed by a coat of eggshell. The finish paint flattens off really nicely.

Sam Noves - Dulux Trade Eggshell Review

I can’t believe people are still using oil-based paints. There’s no need to, especially for something like an eggshell finish. So many great water-based alternatives out there

Lee Thornton - Dulux Trade Eggshell Review


The Dulux Trade satinwood is a better product. It’s easier to use, better opacity and much better finish. Two coats are perfect every time. I’m not keen on an eggshell finish at all really except maybe in colours. You’re definitely better with satin for white.

Dan Quibble

Updated May 3, 2023 | Posted Feb 13, 2021 | 5 comments

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  1. Richard

    For the expensive money Dulux Trade charge there really is no excuse on poor coverage.
    90pc most jobs woodwork will be in white…
    Water based has came on leaps and bounds,
    (other brands anyway).
    Also far quicker to apply than oil based.

  2. Martin

    Can I thin down Dulux trade eggshell paint with white spirits or thinners for spraying

    • Von

      I rang the Dulux number on the tin and was told use a little white Spirit.

  3. Von Camilleri

    I’ve used Dulux Trade Eggshell on my customer’s kitchen cabinets after prepping with sugar soap, Rinsing off, priming with Crown Grip Extreme and four coats of Mallard Green as it was a deep colour and Dulux said I didn’t need a dark undercoat, now it scratches off, after my customer left it for nine days! Kitchen looks a mess!

  4. B Kerr

    I painted a wooden cupboard in Dulux Trade hardwearing eggshell and it is still very sticky after 30 hours drying in a warm room. Will it ever dry?


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